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  1. Good Point. But the important thing to be aware is that hygiene education at UBC is a lot more expensive than standard B.Sc. option. http://www.dentistry.ubc.ca/Education/Hygiene/EntryToPractice/PDF/ProjectedCosts-ETP.pdf
  2. I agree. I think that a certain degree of work ethics, a sense of responsibility and good judgment skills (which, on average, should correlate with a high GPA) is required for a good dentist. Generally, I'd trust a dentist with a high GPA more than a dentist with a low GPA.
  3. Xman, your post gave me a heart attack. lol. nothing yet...
  4. To the bolded part: Isn't the point of money to find love/happiness in life? I find it ironic how you are sacrificing that part for money. Also, in a high GDP country, it's been shown that wealth and happiness do not correlate as much as they do in a low GDP country (i.e. of below $10,000 GDP per capita). I'm saying, after a certain point (ie. being able to afford occasional treats etc.), money just doesn't play a big role in happiness. Setting $$$ as the ultimate goal is a bit naive.
  5. Making a lot of money sounds good in theory, but in reality, it's doesn't really affect your level of happiness too much. e.g., I do not think I'd be significantly more happier driving a BMW than driving a Honda. Honestly, I feel really sorry for those who are going in it just for money because they're hyping up the benefits of money too much. Eventually they will realize money isn't gonna solve all their issues.
  6. Don't lose your hope! I received mine today when I thought it was never gonna come.
  7. I am still waiting for mine. Ughhhhhhh.............
  8. I can understand your frustration here and your situation intrigues me. I was always puzzled about these stories of people reporting they carved very well, only to find their score very very low. I was very stressed before I took DAT for the first time back in Nov 2009 because of these stories. Just wondering if you could describe your soap a little more. What did you mark the lines with? What technique did you use to flatten it? I can sympathize with how irksome it is to not know what our expensive soap investment really amounts to. Sorry to hear about your situation you posted in the other
  9. I don't think anybody would lie here. The forum isn't exactly a place where people get any reward for boasting their anonymous identities. lol. Anyway I still didn't get mine. I'm in Vancouverrrrrrrrrrr. All your scores making me impatient! lol.
  10. Nobody in Vancouver got it? I'm worried I might not be good enough compared to all these high scores. Dying to know. :/
  11. I think that's what I put as well. I don't remember the details but I faintly remember doing something along the lines of 10^6 * 100 / 0.1 where those three values were the given numbers in the Q.
  12. I think in Hebb theatre, it's all about the position. Some desks have lights right up close while some have lights really really far above. (But the proctor chose my seat for me so it's not like I could do anything about it anyway.)
  13. Who knows..? Maybe many people did badly and the curve will be nice.
  14. It looks like one of the downsides Australian grads will have when practicing in Canada is how Canadian grads look down upon Australian grads. (From what i can sense in this thread.. o_o)
  15. When should I start worrying about whether referees have sent their letters or not? Roughly how many days before the deadline? I don't want to be pushy to my referees but what if they had forgotten it or something. XD Advice from those experienced would be appreciated. Thanks.
  16. How often do these policies change? also wondering who exactly decides this sort of thing.
  17. I am mainly curious about UBC, but I assume all schools post theirs around the same time. Anyone know? Just curious "what my chances are" relative to others who got in just recently. haha.
  18. Hello, For choosing referees (in my case for UBC), does it absolutely have to be the types like instructors/dentists, etc or is it okay if they're not?
  19. Hello everyone, I plan to begin my application process in the next school year. I am wondering if the first semester grades of the next school year are counted toward your admission average for that cycle. Thanks!
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