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  1. yea I got one too. It stresses me out lol. I’m also all done but will email them tomorrow just to confirm
  2. I am also pretty sure you need to fill out the entire thing. I was lucky enough to have done enough classes in order to fill it out. I wonder when we will start hearing back (late march)?
  3. I was thinking about it too! I emailed them for an application but maybe it’s still to early (I’m still waiting on a response)
  4. I remember reading somewhere that there are around 25 international (Canadian and Americans) accepted to the 4 year Cork, 3 to the 5 year cork, and I have no idea how many get accepted to the 5 year Trinity. But the overall class size I don’t know.
  5. Yea, I asked three people incase one was unable to do it. They all ended up completing a reference, so rather then saying no I just told them all to submit. I'm sure 2 is totally fine!
  6. I think it’s only completed courses, but I would email Atlantic Bridge and see what they say!
  7. Of the 3 Unis I attended, only 1 was mail only. I think it took them a week or a week and a half to get there. I wouldn’t stress, I’m sure your transcripts will get there in no time. plus you’re still applying pretty early, so you have just as much of a chance as any other applicant!
  8. These are a way for Cork to evaluate how qualified you are for their 4 year program. I think most applicants receive them for that purpose! Yea I submitted 3 in total.
  9. Yea, I was applying to a bunch of Canadian schools (like UBC, Dal, UofM, etc), and I thought I might as well finish applying to Ireland too. Plus they’re rolling, so the earlier the better. Don’t stress, there’s plenty of time to apply. As for their main factor, I have no idea. They say on the website that they are looking for all kinds of applicants. What that means idk. For anyone who is currently in Ireland, could you speak to the cost of living per year, as well as you’re experience there so far? Do you like it out there?
  10. Probably a mix of loans from banks, government, maybe parents? I submitted my application in August so now I wait. As an aside, does anyone know how many are accepted to the Cork 4 year? The 5 year would be nice too, its just more expensive. Also, does anyone know how many euros are needed for rent/food/staying alive per year?
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