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  1. Got my rejection letter from Mac. I might be looking into applying to England next year.. since it looks like I will have more luck that way. I have 2+ years of experience but my GPA is not that great. Does anyone have any experience/knows anything about the application process?
  2. I am hoping that after March 11th they will send out some more invitations from the people who chose not to interview?
  3. I was wondering if anyone knows around what date do schools usually give you an answer/update on the application progress for OT? I know UBC sends an email for interview around mid Feb but I am not sure about Dalhousie, U of A, McMaster, University of Toronto or Queens? Good luck everyone!
  4. Hi! I am applying to the OT program and I am using my practicum supervisor (took a kin undergrad) as my academic reference since he was responsible for my practicum grade. I hope that helps!
  5. I just took my CASPer test today! I tried looking at videos/bought a book online from the **DELETED** academy and practiced as much as I could. I froze on the first two questions but then I got the hang of it. My best advice would be to do the practice test for sure and look at suggested correct answers so you know more or less what you're expected to answer. Best of luck!
  6. Applied + (PT or OT?): All OT UBC, UofA, Dalhousie, University of Manitoba, University of Toronto, McMaster and Queen's Accepted:Waitlisted:Rejected:GPA:c-gpa and s-gpa c-gpa: ~3.3 s-gpa:~3.7 (on a 4.3 scale)Perceived strength of essays/interviews/references: - I got two scholarship awards during my undegrad. - One of my academic references is from a lab I volunteered for a year (which I think is going to be a good reference letter) - I have been working as a lead kinesiologist at a physiotherapy clinic running the OR1 Program (work conditioning) as well as treating ICBC clie
  7. From what I read on their page it has two be 2 academic (if you graduated less than 3 years ago) and 1 workplace.
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