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  1. Just an FYI to anyone inquiring about U of T OT waitlist. I messaged admissions and they informed me that they are at capacity for the time being but that there may be small movement if any before the end of the week (before provisional become firm).
  2. Hi, I am just wondering what you mean when you say about your offer to western? What was your specific question! I just provisionally accepted western on ORPAS and was wondering if there were any other things I had to do before the 29th
  3. Definitely something to consider! Thank you for this, I guess i’m worried about PBL AT mac since I have never experienced it and it’s not something i’m used to! Congrats to your friends, I hope she is able to find some housing
  4. Hey i’m also having a tough time deciding between mac and western! The international opportunities at western are quite interesting & I have a lot of friends that have gone there and loved it so i’m definitely being swayed in that direction but would love to hear your opinions and discuss further pros and cons!
  5. Hey! I got into mcmaster and Western so my decision is slightly different than yours! However I did my undergrad at Queens so I would be willing to answer any questions you have about the school if you wanna PM me!!
  6. congrats on your acceptances!! Do you know which school you’re accepting? I’m currently trying to decide
  7. Thank you for that! definitely good to know:) What are your pros and cons for your options as of now??
  8. If you find one or make one, post it here! Excited to meet you
  9. No problem! I wish you the best!!!!! Where did you apply to/get accepted for?
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