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  1. Interestingly, at least one of the interview dates was with a -44 wind chill. Wonder how that affected things
  2. Anatomical Pathology: Manitoba, Ottawa, UBC, Toronto, Dalhousie, Calgary, McGill, Sherbrooke, Queen's Anesthesiology: Toronto, Calgary (telephone interview), Western, Queen's, Ottawa, Saskatchewan, UBC, NOSM, Calgary, Memorial, Dalhousie, Alberta, McGill, McMaster Cardiac Surgery: Dermatology: Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatchewan, Toronto, Mac/UofT, Ottawa, McGill, UBC Diagnostic Radiology: McGill, Saskatchewan, Queen's, Dalhousie, Ottawa, Calgary, Toronto, McMaster, Manitoba, Alberta, Western, Memorial, UBC, Laval, Montreal Emergency Medicine: Queen's, McMaster, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, UBC (V
  3. Does anyone know when the urology schedule will come out?
  4. UBC is the only school west of Quebec, to my knowledge, that even has Honors anymore. Which is kinda pointless cause how can you compare someone who has an H from UBC with people who have P's from other schools.
  5. hey Are clerkships basically the medical student observing the residents and the attending physicians passively? When we start our clerkships will we actually be Doing anything, or just learning (cause I assume we'll be pretty ignorant at that stage in time).
  6. hey what do people think about whether having honors vs. Pass would be a big advantage / disadvantage for competitive specialties like optho or ENT or any of those because my school has HPF with only the top 10% getting it I think (UBC) but most schools from what I understand just go P/F
  7. man should've gone to law school =P their schedules are dope
  8. hey what happens during the first week orientation? and where does it take place?
  9. i turned down my waitlist offer last Monday, so that spot is already back in the pool
  10. it's not terrible hours though, cause I know my family doctor is never in after 3:30pm for appointments, and usually the earliest he is in is 8 something. to make 500k, you have to work part of the weekends i'm sure, or at least that guy who makes 500k does. but yeah that's why people do specialties because while you have to put in an extra 3,4 or 5 years, you end up with a slightly higher salary possibly, and maybe better hours and less patient turnover. but again, it really comes down to what you want to do with your life, although money is definitely a factor for a lot of people I'
  11. hey, what is the difference between cardiology and interventional cardiology? are they both subspecialties under IM? Also I was wondering is it like Carms after you complete the first three years of IM, in that it is competitve to match to a subspeciality program? i.e. is it tough to actually become a cardiologist after IM? or other subspecialties?
  12. The salary for a family physician can be widely varying. My family physician last year billed over 300,000 to the BC gov't, which surprised me. I also know of two doctors one in Richmond one in Surrey, (suburbs of Vancouver), that bill around 400, and 500,000 respectively. So I think it depends how much you want to put into it for family medicine. I believe in BC the majority of family physicians make around 175-300k, based on gov't statistics, but hundreds earn more than 300k.
  13. Hey, What is clerkship like schedule wise? Are there a lot of late night shifts, back to back shifts, stuff like that? (I assume it applies to all medical schools I know, but still for UC)
  14. Did a significant proportion of the class match for competitive specialties, such as opthalm, Ear nose throat, radiology, etc? Or because of the 3 year do you think people gravitated more towards the less competitve ones?
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