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  1. Damn great job with your NAQ and interview! It seems like a higher MCAT possibly may have pushed you over into an acceptance, given the slightly lower GPA and CARS.. could I ask if you were a traditional or non-trad applicant?? (how long ago did you graduate/complete ur undergrad courses?)
  2. Congrats!!!! My ECs are similar to yours and will be applying for the first time this year - would you mind sharing what your GPA was the first time you applied?
  3. Recently this GPA bracket has been almost exclusively been non-trad applicants (people who were on a different career path and now pursuing med, or those who have graduated from UG for several years already, currently pursuing maybe graduate school etc, usually people in their mid 20s to early 30s), because of several extra years of time for increased NAQ. In this context, I'll define "traditional" applicants as those who are applying to enrol in med school right after graduating UG (so after a 4th/5th year of UG), or those who are currently on their first gap year (and graduated in May
  4. Any non-SWOMEN conditional invites? (GPA of only 1 year assessed, currently doing special/5th year)
  5. Congrats on your interview and best of luck!!! I really look up to applicants such as yourself and thank you so much for the motivation.. If you don't mind me asking, at what stage of your undergrad was your first application cycle? This will be my first application cycle (after my fourth year of uni) and I feel behind compared to peers who have been applying since end of second year. E.g. I am 2 application cycles "behind" compared to them, this upcoming cycle will be my friend's (who has not yet interviewed) third application cycle but my first application cycle. Because I chose to wait
  6. Thanks for the taking the time to respond. From reading these comments I definitely think choosing to do a fifth year was the right choice instead of taking a gap year/doing a masters. I am aiming for a balanced 515-517 for the MCAT and will be aiming for that this summer (though I have seen people with low 80s GPA matriculating with 520+ MCAT score and I figure should really be shooting for that). I have taken the exam once already, and from that experience I feel I know how to approach it properly this summer for a much higher score. Ahh I just hate how much uncertainty there is now fo
  7. Honestly who knows anymore, and I have feeling you might be referring to my recent post haha If you google "UBC Aq score calculation" people have come up with speculation formulas to calculate it and its somewhat linear (difference between 84 vs 88, is the same difference between 88 vs 92). A lower GPA can't necessarily be compensated "easily" because the NAQ scoring can get subjective no matter how much they try to standardize it. Peoples scores fluctuate every year and you are being evaluated against a very qualified applicant pool. Most of us tend to have tunnel vision when it co
  8. for this upcoming cycle ill have 84-85 (all depending how this current term goes), but with my fifth year added (the cycle after that) if I maintain my fourth year marks I will be around 86-88
  9. ahhh.... yikes... (Lol mentally I was just choosing to ignore the decimal places and still count it as an 88)
  10. Omg! Thank you for the encouragement, I really appreciate it. After my fifth year, maybe my grades will be in the 86-87 range which itself is still slightly below average, compared to my chances right now of 84-85 which honestly is probably a stretch for upcoming cycle. Best of luck for your interview!!!
  11. Haha yeah, I'm probably not getting an interview this year
  12. Thank you so much for the thoughtful response. Yup haha I think we have communicated here before, and the I've been quite uneasy/unsure since this years interview invites so thats why I'm posting (just trying to keep a glimmer of optimism in myself though to get through this term of school honestly). Recently I have decided to do a fifth year so hopefully then my average after that will be a hair beneath the *current* admitted average of ~88 (as of c2023 stats, they still haven't updated the interim c2024 report). It really sucks because I remember checking threads here back in 2019 (for
  13. I will be applying for the first time this upcoming cycle and looking for some feedback for perhaps how to frame/structure some activities. I know my activities are average but I feel that I have a fighting chance being IP and want to give it my best shot this year. GPA: Likely 84-85 MCAT: TBD this summer Activities: Research at 3 very different labs over 4 years (no publications/posters, 1 second-author clinical chart study currently submitted for publication), 4 years UG research conference organizer, 3 years academic club exec, 2 years generic uni leadership club exec, uni o
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