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  1. It's only the Calgary students that have recieved their backpacks actually! Class doesn't start till Aug 23 so still pretty unlikely that a spot will open up at this point but not impossible.
  2. https://discord.gg/3tyNK6a8Gt fresh link! I think the welcome stuff is coming in july
  3. Anyone one else having transcript woes? My school emailed my final transcript last friday but it still doesn't say recieved which has sent my paranoia into overdrive. Gisele said on tuesday it was probably still being processed but by Thursday when it still wasn't recieved I caved and ordered a hard copy to be mailed. I just need this conditional offer to turn real ;_;
  4. Result: Accepted off the WL Timestamp: May 18, 10:21AM PST Geography: OOP GPA: 3.90 MCAT: 516 Degree: BSc ECs: Hard to judge this objectively but I think they were diverse and thoughtfully written? Interview: I felt the most confident in this one out of all my interviews. Panel felt like it went well even though I only answered their first question the whole time -I can I had a lot to say lol!! Will be accepting
  5. Anyone heard of any waitlist movement?
  6. Still don't get why they don't send out all the verifier requests at once with one due date? Seems easier
  7. Hey OP, that's right, if you apply in fourth year with plans to graduate in spring, they will drop your worst year, so really only two years will be counted for your GPA as long as you've taken what they consider to be a full course load.
  8. The amount of time spent on EC descriptions is super important. Your stats seem pretty good -next cycle if you spend 1-2 months on your ec descriptions, really re-work them, CANMEDs, get multiple people to look at them, you have a much better shot at ubc, queen's, uofa and uofc. Your casper could use improvement too given the mac results.
  9. I think at the very least GPA does make up 25% of the final score, but I do wonder how they go about it, as their website states that before interview academic performance is simply a numerical AQ based on gpa, but after interviews it says they review trends along with "senior undergraduate and graduate level achievements". What would those even look like, like a thesis or scholarship? And would all those things theoretically contribute to that 25%? And how about references then? Given the leak, are refs just used a pass/fail tiebreaker thing? Obviously no one knows but it's fun to speculate!
  10. My invite was in the promotions folder so make sure to check that!
  11. Has anyone who had an interview last year tried checking solus? Shot in the dark idk
  12. Johnny G never said they were from India. I know everyone is stressed but let's not make assumptions about what people go through and how harder/easier it is in ANY country. You only know your own story & everyone's biases really show when we start making comparisons.
  13. Mine just changed to "Awaiting decision regarding interviews" today. Wonder if that means they're done going through your file.
  14. I noticed there's a new tab on the portal for transcript with first term results and 2nd term registration. So we have to submit another transcript after we get grades? Do they take these fall term grades into account for GPA?
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