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  1. I know this page is to compare different Ontario schools but I was also wondering if anyone has any insight for differences between UofA OT vs McMaster? Thank you!!
  2. Accepted at McMaster, waitlisted at UofT, and rejected from Western! Still think I’ll go with my UofA offer, congrats to everyone and good luck to people on the waitlist!!
  3. Anyone heard of any movement on the waitlist?
  4. Although this is true and it’s good to have experience with different populations, it’s not necessary. I was accepted to UofA and the only experience I have is within a mental health setting and with kids. You could pick up a volunteering position that can help u gain some experience outside of what you are doing now, but I don’t think it would be necessary to switch jobs
  5. They changed it! It used to be 6 but they changed it to 3. You may have been looking at an older page
  6. Did they state this at the beginning of the interview? or is it in the instruction guide?
  7. Hi guys, for those of you that did the McMaster MMI already, did they alternate between the verbal and written stations? Or were all the verbal stations done first and then the written?
  8. Just got my email to confirm the time slot! Mine is on Saturday so I think everyone should have received the email now
  9. Good to know!! Was this information posted somewhere?
  10. Thanks for asking that’s helpful :) did anyone get an outright rejection or do most people end up on the waitlist?
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