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  1. They changed it! It used to be 6 but they changed it to 3. You may have been looking at an older page
  2. Did they state this at the beginning of the interview? or is it in the instruction guide?
  3. Hi guys, for those of you that did the McMaster MMI already, did they alternate between the verbal and written stations? Or were all the verbal stations done first and then the written?
  4. Just got my email to confirm the time slot! Mine is on Saturday so I think everyone should have received the email now
  5. Good to know!! Was this information posted somewhere?
  6. Thanks for asking that’s helpful :) did anyone get an outright rejection or do most people end up on the waitlist?
  7. I was waitlisted! Im pretty far down the list so I doubt ill get in, but congrats to everyone that received an offer! Also if anyone gets off the waitlist please update so we know if theres any movement!
  8. I’m not sure if this has anything to do with it but maybe because you applied to the PT program they gave priority to other applicants? You could try sending them an email and see if they give you an explanation
  9. I think theyre going to release waitlist offers after people finish booking slots for interviews. Sign-up starts tomorrow so I'm assuming it will be in the next couple of days edit: just checked again and they said if we dont respond by March 11 they will send out additional invites
  10. Anyone else surprised that McMaster said they received over 1300 applicants this year... isnt it usually 800-900?
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