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  1. Hey! It's reassuring seeing someone else pursue a second degree for med Just an FYI, the Western admissions page indicates that the second degree must be equivalent to an a 4-year degree... but you can always shoot them an e-mail to confirm! Just to share some thoughts from someone in the same spot (down to the M.Sc. and 3.9 in my last year of first undergrad): I think with your 4.0 in your second degree and your last 2 years of your first, you would have a strong GPA, but I think you still have time to decide. I would wait until final marks come out (at least for this fall semester) to
  2. Thank you SO much for taking the time to reply to my post! I think I misunderstood Western's website and believed that I wouldn't be able to apply until after I was done. I'm feeling so much better about potentially saving a year of my life before starting med school (ofc if I receive an acceptance). I have a year that is higher than a 3.7 (not my last year of the first degree, but I believe Western takes best two years), so if I can maintain a 4.0 this year then maybe I actually have a shot! I'm e-mailing Western now to confirm if this is how they would calculate my GPA. Cheers &am
  3. Hi everyone, I'm in the first year of my second degree. I am doing well GPA-wise (4.0 at the moment, trying to keep it that way) and will only need to do another year after this (2 year second degree in total). For those that also did a second degree, would you apply at the start of your second year, or after the degree has been completed? I have been mindful about Western's requirements and I know that I can't apply until after the degree is done, but not sure about other schools. Thanks!
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