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  1. Hello everyone! Congrats on your acceptances!!! I was wondering if there's already a FB group for Queen's PT students?
  2. I got accepted to Queens and McMaster, but i think i'll be going to queens bc Idk if I'm well suited for the PBL teaching format :S
  3. Hello! I wanted to learn more about mcmaster's problem-based learning. To be honest, I've never been in that kind of learning environment before. I am a little but hesitant to accept, so I was wondering if anyone had any specific thoughts about it?
  4. Hello! Do they tell you your position in the waitlist? UofT is my top school
  5. Do you guys know if there's a lot of movement for UofT waitlist? They didnt' tell me what position I'm in
  6. Hi! I just wanted to ask if anyone has any advice about the CAP? i just have a few questions: Is it more like a traditional interview (e.g. greatest strengths, weaknesses), or behavioural-based interview (e.g. tell me about a time ...), or is it kind of like the MMI with ethical-based, scenario questions? How in-depth should you know physiotherapy? -- should we know the competencies? about the modalities and treatments? What do you think is the best way to prepare for the CAP? Thank you!!
  7. I just wanted to see if anyone who's done the Kira talent before could share some tips or insight about the test! Is it similar to MMI? What are the main components? What did you find most challenging? I just want to prepare as much as I can for it! Thank you!!!
  8. Hi ! I completed my interview for Brighton (and got a conditional offer!) but I genuinely thought it went so poorly. Like, I stuttered and used slang here and there (WOULD NOT RECOMMEND, BUT I WAS SO NERVOUS), but it still went really well. Just show your confidence and interest, and youll kill it.
  9. I was scrolling down the takecasper.com site when I noticed CASPer snapshot. It's a short video response tool that's supposed to simulate an interview, but I'm not really sure. Is anyone else doing the snapshot? Do you think we need to for PT/OT? Link: https://takecasper.com/casper-snapshot/?fbclid=IwAR0dmNM36I0A9qcfBJXIRpy8fd3cClMIw9iRrDDuwg61NdC2GiESuOmGWCE
  10. Thank you for your insight! Do you mind sharing what university you got into?
  11. Hi! I applied to a ton because I am paranoid. I honestly did it more out of popularity and price (brighton, oxford brookes, st george, uCLan, glasgow, brunel, cumbria). I used both across the pond and si-uk because I didn't know which one would be better (both are the same, pretty much, but ATP is more personal bc I think they're a smaller company!
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