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  1. Hi ! I completed my interview for Brighton (and got a conditional offer!) but I genuinely thought it went so poorly. Like, I stuttered and used slang here and there (WOULD NOT RECOMMEND, BUT I WAS SO NERVOUS), but it still went really well. Just show your confidence and interest, and youll kill it.
  2. I was scrolling down the takecasper.com site when I noticed CASPer snapshot. It's a short video response tool that's supposed to simulate an interview, but I'm not really sure. Is anyone else doing the snapshot? Do you think we need to for PT/OT? Link: https://takecasper.com/casper-snapshot/?fbclid=IwAR0dmNM36I0A9qcfBJXIRpy8fd3cClMIw9iRrDDuwg61NdC2GiESuOmGWCE
  3. Thank you for your insight! Do you mind sharing what university you got into?
  4. Hi! I applied to a ton because I am paranoid. I honestly did it more out of popularity and price (brighton, oxford brookes, st george, uCLan, glasgow, brunel, cumbria). I used both across the pond and si-uk because I didn't know which one would be better (both are the same, pretty much, but ATP is more personal bc I think they're a smaller company!
  5. You're honestly right, I'm definitely going to do that. I appreciate you taking the time to write this out.
  6. Hey! I'm currently applying to PT schools in Ontario (and UK to be safe!), but I am very worried about my stats. I currently have like a 3.75 cGPA and hopefully 3.80 sGPA, and I know these are relatively low for PT applications in Ontario. I have hundreds of hours in different student-run organizations about leadership and mentoring, I also was a camp counsellor working with children with disabilities (260 hours-ish). I worked/volunteered as an Aide in 4 clinics, but not for a super long time (maybe 300 hours total?) and a long term care home (56 hours). A little sprinkle of volunteer research
  7. Applied (PT): Queens, U of T, Western, McMaster (and other UK schools)Accepted:Waitlisted:Rejected:GPA:c-gpa and s-gpa: Not 100% sure because ORPAS hasn't calculated yet but => CGPA: ~3.75 & SGPA: ~3.80Perceived strength of essays/interviews/references: Volunteer experience as PTA in private clinics (MSK and Neuro). Only 2 research-volunteer experience. Part of several student organizations. Reference was from my research supervisor and from a PT I shadowed for over 2 years. I think my essays are pretty good but I'm just overall really stressed. Tbh, mostly scared about my GPA because I
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