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  1. It’s probably a mass email because I got it too. I’m not really concerned because my admissions advisor already confirmed my application is complete.
  2. I just used the course descriptions off my university website and when it asked for further information like the microbiology and molecular biology labs I listed every lab I did and the objective from my old lab books.
  3. Sounds good. I was like I’m already spending hours digging through old lab books and notes trying to figure out what topics I learnt and now I need a code for each module?!? Thankful that it means the course number lol
  4. Oh ok so for example if I’m using the course ANAT 200 for one of the topics I just put that in the box? I was just getting confused because it says module code, rather than course code.
  5. Thanks. Do you mind telling me what you put in the “module code covering learning” boxes?
  6. Dang. Maybe I’ll get lucky because I literally satisfy everything else! In the email they sent me it said late March/ early April and all offers out by end of May usually.
  7. Also wondering if everyone was able to fill out the entire evaluation of prior learning? I’m worried because I haven’t taken an anatomy lab so won’t be able to fill out the histology portion. Is it a deal breaker for the 4 year program if we haven’t learnt everything on the form?
  8. Does anyone know what to put under module code covering learning? For the evaluation of prior learning form
  9. Did you ask them about this? Just wondering as I am filling the form out now.
  10. Yup that’s what I mean. Thanks I will email it to admissions right now!
  11. @ everyone who has applied, did you email your supporting documents to admissions or your advisor? I emailed it to my advisor yesterday but haven’t heard back so I’m not sure if I should email it again to the general admissions email.
  12. I’m thinking I might have to take it in the winter semester because my admission officer said it’s required. But I haven’t submitted all my documents yet so I’m not sure what the evaluation of prior learning even looks like!
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