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  1. I know someone who wrote the mcat 7 times (the max). Is it time or money that's stopping you from rewriting? Please reconsider rewriting and applying again before going abroad.
  2. Just saw this on the sub for premedcanada and wanted to share it with pm101 ! Check private message OP. sent you one
  3. I was paired up with applicants who had interviews at dal recently through this site https://www.videoath.com/community/practice-groups Hoping some others can join too and I can join another group. I wasn't too sure but saw they asked some current Dal med students and residents who were on admissions before create similar questions to past MMIs for us. It was really nice what they did. At first it was just on our special Facebook group for everyone who was invited to interview but I think I can share it now that the interview is over. Here's the page that some of the upper year "Ask a me
  4. Hello I'm in the maritimes but I'm a premed. What exactly is the intention with your attempts to reach out to residents? Is this to recruit doctors to stay and work in NB?
  5. Good luck everyone! Hoping OMSAS and other schools give me an interview too. Otherwise, see everyone in March
  6. Hi mikes94 and anyone else interviewing at Dal. I answered a super interesting question on my opinion of the Maritimes "Atlantic Bubble". The exact prompt was: During COVID-19, the Maritimes created an "Atlantic Bubble". What do you think about this decision by public health? Would love to hear feedback on: my approach, opinions, tone/pitch/flow of speech. The site I used also gave me a transcript for anyone who can't listen to audio right now. I know it's short notice and we're all interviewing in a week but would be amazing if I can get any tips or things to improve! thanks respons
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