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  1. I think waitlist accepted means that we were accepted to the waitlist, whereas waitlist is offer is if/when we get off that waitlist and get an offer
  2. Congrats! I've applied to PT (OOP) and I haven't heard anything yet, anyone else in the same boat for Dal PT?
  3. Yeah, I haven't heard anything this year about that. I hope that it isn't, because I have been emailing the admissions coordinator quite frequently, and she hadn't mentioned anything...would be a little unfair not to state that and take everyone's 115$ application fee from OOP, knowing that they won't take any
  4. I've heard that it is up to five from OOP. I'm from Ontario and applying, my GPA is a good amount higher than the incoming average of 3.81/4.3, but I'm not sure how competitive OOP is gonna be, and how much they will be weighing CASPer, the 500 word statement and references
  5. The Dal PT website now says acceptances are going to be sent in April-end, no longer March-end I don't understand why they need extra time if they cancelled the interview process
  6. Hey all, I'm from Ontario and applying to PT to Dal, and I was wondering if anyone knew what the chances are for an OOP student? I have a 4.02/4.3, and it says the average person admitted has 3.81/4.3. But I would think those applying from OOP would be more competitive? Does anyone know how many seats can be offered to OOP? I've heard 5 but I've also heard 19 LOL. Thanks!
  7. They compiled that whole year average by inputting each individual grade, and then filled in your two extra spots with that average GPA of that year to make it 20
  8. Applied: (PT) Mac, Western, Queens, Ottawa and Dal cGPA: 3.75, sGPA: 3.86 (4.02/4.3) I have 60 hours volunteering as a PT assistant, 400 hours working as an EA with children with special needs, currently doing an undergraduate thesis, was a recipient of an Undergraduate Student Research Award (USRA) through NSERC last summer, member of the varsity soccer program at my school for 4 years, a few extracurriculars through the school. I'm not sure about my chances because my CASPer worries me, I thought I did really well on the written prompts but not as much on the video based ones,
  9. I got an email from Mac from sgsonl@mcmaster.ca and one from UOttawa from sante.health@uOttawa.ca
  10. I've applied to PT for Queens, Mac, Western and uOttawa, but I've only received emails from uOttawa and Mac to set up accounts and everything, and I haven't heard anything from Queens or Western? Anyone else? It's been about three weeks. Or have some of you gotten confirmation emails from them once applying to set up accounts?
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