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  1. Yeah, I don't think there was any point in messaging U of T. They obviously can't tell someone that the notification means they're accepted when, officially, the offers aren't supposed to come out until May 14th for all Ontario schools. All that might have done is encourage them to stop updating them early in the future.
  2. That's too bad about UBC for you. :-( I don't know if it was significantly more competitive this year or not, but if it was, it wouldn't be due to any hesitation from last year's applicants. All of the applications were due long before any one knew that the school year would be negatively affected. Even if a couple of people somehow foresaw it, it's so hard to get into these programs that I don't think they would have waited anyways. As well, all of the programs still took full class sizes, without allowing deferrals, so the same amount of people got in last year as the number of spots a
  3. I disagree. That is a lot of money to pay for a deposit if you're not even sure you want to go. Is that your first choice school outside of Canada? You said you also applied to the UK... if you got accepted in Ireland, you'll likely also receive an acceptance for at least some of those schools. Similarly, since you said you'd prefer to go to school locally, do you at least stand a decent chance here? I wouldn't just throw away $3000 just to guarantee myself a spot somewhere. In order to spend that kind of money, it would have to be something that I was certain of wanting to do, which it doesn'
  4. I completely agree! It's so stupid and such a waste of money. If anything, it's mostly a test of one's typing speed. It definitely doesn't "help assess applicants for non-academic attributes or people skills." They repeat the same type of questions, so you can easily study a rough answer for each scenario beforehand, and then it's simply a matter of being able to quickly process the presented ethical/moral questions and rapidly formulate legible, typed answers in the very strict time limits. It is in no way a useful tool for accessing how one would actually respond in a real-life healthcare sc
  5. Last year, I'm pretty sure the section appeared around the deadline date for transcripts, with the GPA already calculated in it.
  6. Isn't it the same as the OUAC reference number? It starts with 2021-XXXXXX, and you can find it in the application confirmation email and in ORPAS once you login (at the top on the left, below the log out button).
  7. Hey! It says on the ORPAS website what to put on the résumé: https://www.ouac.on.ca/fr/guide/orpas-ottawa/#physio
  8. Yeah, just PT too, but I meant total for the whole application. $190 for the ORPAS application fee, $100 program fee, $15 for one Ontario transcript, $120 for the language tests, $40 to do the casper test, and $12 to send the test results to Ottawa.
  9. It's now $120 instead of the already-ridiculous $93 of last year, making it at least $477 if one wants to apply just to Ottawa
  10. Yeah, I'm pretty sure it doesn't matter if it's in English or French. It's so dumb that we have to do language tests in both languages though... Last year, you only had to do one in the opposite language that you completed CASPer in, and the years before that, they had interviews instead of these massive money-grabbers. The fee for the language tests is beyond ridiculous. Does anyone know how much they consider the résumé in admissions though?
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