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  1. Hey! Are there any uoft dental students here that were a student at UofT in a specialist program before? If so, would you DM me pls! Thanks!
  2. I heard this from someone but had never heard it before. Sounds like a dream but.. does it??
  3. Hey all! I had a lot of confusion with how UofT dent calculates wGPA, so I emailed and asked them. I just wanted to share this with you. This year has been tough on a lot of us, including myself, so maybe this gives you a little hope..:)
  4. I'm taking the canadian dat @acceptmepls:)
  5. Do the books change a lot from year to year? I won't be writing the DAT till around November next year, but i'm dying to see the books lol so i was wondering if it would be a disadvantage if I buy the book now.. Thanks!
  6. Does retaking courses look bad on the transcript? and how about the gpa? I have emailed them already - waiting for the response but doesn't hurt to ask here too :) I have some courses that i could do better on than what i did in fall, so i was thinking of retaking them in the summer..
  7. So im kinda confused as to how this works do they drop your lowest year if you have finished 4 years at the time of applying? Or is it that if you apply in your third year (since you will finish 4 years and then go to dental school) they will drop one lowest year? thanks!!!
  8. this is my second year.. but i really wanted to have a chance to apply next year this is why i'm kinda nervous now..
  9. this is my second year.. but i really wanted to have a chance to apply next year this is why i'm kinda nervous now..
  10. i'm sure that i wont be able to get 90+ in it. so no 4.0. the best i can get is like 3.9 but it might end up being an A- which is a 3.7..... idk what to do
  11. So, I'm a pre-dental student at UofT, and really am working hard to get into uoft dental school as well - in my third year hopefully. One of the courses I have will def bring my avg for this semester down from 4.0 to 3.9 (For that course). Do you know whether or not it'll look bad to drop a course n retake it in the summer? Should i just Cr/Ncr it? or should I just keep going with it and not bother? P.s. Other courses are 4.0 for now
  12. Thank youu! Hopefully i will be able to keep it!!
  13. you literally gave me the energy i need for the rest of this year... :)))) i really hope your support comes back to you in some way. Thank you!!!
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