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  1. did the minimum mcat cutoffs change even with the addition of casper?
  2. yeah i see that, but when i contacted the individual universities they looked at full-time/part-time status over the course of the fall and winter. for osap funding your status is considered semester to semester. but is that the answer that uoft gave you. that they consider full-time status semester by semester? and that they will count courses in the gpa calculation based on individual semesters?
  3. i just wanted to bump this thread and see if anybody can offer any insight. idk why they would consider me as full-time eventhough i am taking 1.5 FCEs through the fall and winter. mcmaster says you are part time if you take less than 6 half credit aka half year courses across the fall and summer i contacted the arts and science faculty at uoft and they said the same thing that you need to take 3.0 FCEs across the fall and winter to be consider part-time
  4. I contacted them and it seems, that I would still count as a full time student if I took those three courses during Winter 2021, eventough i didn’t take any courses in the fall 2020 they didn’t tell me the aforementioned directly but that’s what it seemed like by their answer it would be great if someone who has been in the same position can answer Btw, I don’t want them to count toward the GPA calculation and want to still be eligible for WGPA calculation therefore I want to be considered as part-time
  5. Hi guys, I am looking to take three courses this semester but I didn’t take any courses during the Fall 2020 semester. I know three courses in a semester is full time. But if I only took a total of three courses from Sept to April does it still count as part-time and Uoft not count it towards their GPA calculation. Also, I have previously completed my 4 year degree with a full course load in each year with no summer courses in between. thanks
  6. Yeah but does the word count include words like “I” and “a” and periods and commas (I don’t think these two latter things would be included in the word count anyway). And did they say that “noticeably over” meant 20-50+ words. 20 words isn’t really noticeable when scanning paragraphs in the range of 250 words and only really is helpful to finish a thought. 50 words would be noticeable though.
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