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  1. Cancel your request and send another. The admin probably just missed it!
  2. IP Applicant (10:07am) 4th time applying, but had a 500 MCAT with 123 CARS for the first three cycles. 512 MCAT (126 CARS) GPA: <3.6 Lots of ECs and work experience.
  3. This is my fourth time applying, but I'm happy to say that I was finally accepted!! Best of luck and don't let the R weigh you down... trust me it's tough, but worth it in the end!
  4. I'm sorry to hear this, but does that mean they're sending out letters?
  5. Not to be too crazy but I saw this previous post and then the NEXT day (March 6th) they released decisions... I don't trust admissions
  6. MVP right here! I'm surprised to hear that they'd be coming out so late... but that helps put an anxious mind to rest (for today)
  7. I feel like, unless anyone has heard by now, that they aren't coming out today
  8. I've had references checked in the past. I didn't realize it was as formal as that though...
  9. The admissions webpage was updated to say that an "update" will be coming soon... I wish they just waited to update the page
  10. I would expect that they were likely meeting virtually to begin with, so the lockdown shouldn't impact the process. Hopefully the first week of March! Anyone have any tea to spill?
  11. What do you mean? If you're referring to cut-offs, I don't think there are any defined cut-offs for IP. People have been interviewed and accepted with <500 MCAT and a broad range of GPAs.
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