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  1. Result (Invite/Regrets): Invite! Time Stamp: 11:51 PST wGPA: 3.72 Year: Graduated MCAT: 524 (131 CARS) CASPER (Quartile): 3rd ECs: Decent Geography (IP/OOP): OOP Interviewed last year, grateful to have received one again and hoping for a better result this year!
  2. Last year interviews came out 25 days before the interview day. Extrapolating to this year puts interview release at this coming Tuesday, January 18. Things change year to year, of course, but usually they give at least 3 weeks notice so I expect them next week or so. Take what I said with some salt, I’m just an applicant like you.
  3. Where did you find the interview date for this year? edit: never mind, I found it under the “How to Apply” section of their website
  4. You can look at a school’s matriculant data to see how many international students matriculated and the states and counties section to see where international students came from. For example, Illinois has 8 internationals from Canada, Nigeria, Rwanda. It is statistically probable that at least 2 are from Canada. Also, while getting accepted is more than a bit of luck, from my experience applying to the US, it is important to look at what schools value when deciding where to apply (again, using Illinois as an example their matrulants either stand out in research, clinical experience,
  5. Not me (R last year). I predict they will come out tomorrow… let’s see what happens!
  6. I believe that last year Early Invites came out Thursday afternoon/evening (maybe some Friday morning) while regular invites came Friday morning to afternoon, and rejections Friday afternoon to evening. So amore compressed timing than previous years with invites sent first. But early applicants still generally heard first (someone correct me if I’m wrong)
  7. I had several of my hobby verifiers contacted (as well as those for my major activities). So I think it is kind of random
  8. No problem! This sounds like a very specific problem, so I doubt many people have encountered it before. The Queen’s email does state “If we do not receive a response to this invitation by February 5th, 2021 at 1:00PM EST, your interview invitation will be set to decline.” It would be incredibly unfortunate for you to miss out on your interview because of this, however schools have deadlines to meet. I will add that, as an aspiring medical professional, you should really be aware of important dates and times. Queen’s interviews often come out around now, and this information can
  9. From what I’ve heard: Question appears, 2 minutes to think, 5 minutes to answer, then a follow-up question with 2 minutes left
  10. Result: INVITE Time Stamp: 11:10 cGPA/wGPA: 3.43/3.71 Year: Graduated University 2020 (UG) MCAT: 524 (129/131/132/132) ECs: Decent (50th-75th for UBC) CASPer: I felt like I did pretty well OOP Holy Crap! Just want to say that I had previously given up all hope for this cycle. I am fairly non-trad, this was my first cycle, R's from both UBC and Mac. I was already writing US applications. I
  11. Thank you for the detailed response! It helps a lot. I appreciate your honesty - at this point a candid perspective is what I am looking for. My first goal is (of course) to get in to medical school, no easy task. While I am currently aiming for a surgical specialty, I believe that things will become clearer as I progress down this path, i.e. I will realize how realistic this is. Assuming I get in to Med school, my plan is to do everything I can to set myself up for a surgical position. At this point I am very motivated and am prepared to do whatever it takes to get there. I believe t
  12. Thank you!! I will look at other posts as well. Maybe a stupid question: how much does the school matter for matching back to Canada or the US- should I consider any USMD school?
  13. As the title suggests, I'm looking for advice. Here goes: I am a dual citizen (Canadian and American). I recently applied to UBC but did not receive an invite and am waiting on a couple more Ontario schools. I plan on applying next year as well. My GPA is not great due to poor study habits and other factors early on in my undergrad, which may make it difficult to get into Canadian schools. So, I’m also looking abroad for med school (USA, potentially Australia). I would want to eventually practice in Canada. For the record, I recently completed my UG degree, my cGPA is 3.42 (82.75% AGPA fo
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