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  1. I had a W and an F on my transcript from first year. My GPA in first year was 2.70, wasn’t that much better in second year either. I just got really good grades for the last few years of my undergrad and a lot of volunteer/work experience. (I also Pass/Failed a course last year) First time applying this year and I got into McMaster, Western, and waitlisted for UT! You got this guys!! Keep working hard, you will get those acceptance letters!!
  2. Hey! I’m pretty much exactly the same as you! Accepted to OT at Western and Mac, waitlisted at UT! I’m still thinking about my options but I’m leaning towards Mac for the program structure and location
  3. I'm so confused cause they didn't really explain why LOL. My sGPA was 3.85 but I don't think that's on the high end of the admitted applicants considering they had a pretty high GPA cut-off for the interview offers. What was your sGPA?
  4. Those who got accepted to Mac OT, did anyone receive a scholarship? It's in the pdf attachment to the admission offer email. I'm wondering if this is automatic/for everyone who got in
  5. It wasn't stated at the beginning of the interview and it also wasn't in the instruction guide, but I asked the person who was giving us the brief orientation thing at the beginning of the interview!
  6. The order is random! There's 6 participants in there with you and 6 stations so it really just depends on which one you get put in first
  7. Turns out that we ARE actually allowed use those 2 minutes for written notes if you want, you're just not allowed to type anything or use electronics for obvious reasons
  8. For those of you doing the McMaster OT interview this week, are we allowed to jot down notes/ideas during the first 2 minutes of each station?
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