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  1. Anyone else notice that there are now pre-recorded interview questions and scenarios instead of actual (albeit virutal) MMIs?? Imo, I would much rather have an interview with a person presenting scenarios and have that human interaction rather than have a computerized, movie-like setting. I have had enough of this pandemic and online learning for me to repeat the same thing with an interview that basically decides my future. Anyway - reminder to have your residency declarations in by this Sunday (the 21st)!!
  2. I’m just going to make an assumption here but I believe that the transcript upload option on the ssc last term was an error as it should have been intended for other programs that required a high school transcript upload or something of the sort. Again, I’m making an assumption but ultimately you do need to resend an official transcript by post. An official transcript from any institution is a sealed, physical copy of your records - now, with the COVID situation, UBC is accepting transcripts electronically but they have to be sent through your school. The student service centre of your i
  3. Seeing as there was no other thread for UBC's Entry-to-Practice PharmD application cycle this year (Class of 2025), I decided to make one looking at other threads from previous years that I found were really helpful. If anyone has any comments or questions, please post below! Good luck everyone with your applications!
  4. Hey, I believe the deadline for emailing transcripts is Jan 15!
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