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  1. Hey @dentdood, Unfortunately, I have yet to receive any information regarding our situation. I've emailed dat@cda-adc.ca 4 times in the past two months but have not gotten a response back. They don't even pick up the phone anymore. Hopefully CDA will reply back to me or address this topic on their website before we have to register for the DAT.
  2. Hi, I found out back in September that the MDT was cancelled for the November 2020 and February 2021 (I will be registering for the February 2021 DAT by the way) Canadian DAT (I will be registering for the February 2021 DAT by the way) and all Canadian Dental schools have cancelled their requirement of the MDT for admission into Fall 2021. However, I am intending on applying for admission into the Fall 2022 semester and some Canadian Dental Schools will require the MDT for that admission cycle. I have emailed the Canadian Dental Association 3 times regarding how I will need to write the M
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