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  1. You can actually access the secondary app before you pay and submit the primary - as long as you've started your application, you can log into Launchpad to work on the next part.
  2. I actually don't think this is true - the U of C historically sends more offer letters than there are seats available because they know that a large portion of people will decline their acceptance for other schools. This was explained by Dr. Ian Walker in a past blog post
  3. I'm almost certain it's interview invite average, there's absolutely no way the average applicant had a 513 MCAT or an activity score of 7/15.
  4. Damn, that's brutal. But on the bright side, since you did get a U of C interview, it may just be a matter of rewording your statements next cycle if this one doesn't work out. I scored 7/15 on personal activities, which was a bit of a relief, but not enough to pull me up from a mediocre GPA. At least now I feel like I stand a chance in next year's cycle
  5. Oof I've had a lump in my stomach all morning /: Hope it's good news or I might not be able to pull myself together for all the Zoom meetings I have today. Good luck everyone!
  6. UofC got over 2000 applications this year but they didn't say how many met the minimum requirements. Also pretty sure UofA usually gets more applications because their OOP GPA requirement is lower, but i dunno how many interview spots are reserved for IP vs. OOP. If they interview 528 applicants for 162 spots, the post interview acceptance rate would be ~31%
  7. Mine changed to "awaiting decision" today! Definitely disappointed that there haven't been any updates on the blog, I was curious to see how many apps were moving forward into file review. But I also saw that last year, Dr. P posted around this time to say that file review was almost complete, so maybe we'll have an update soon!
  8. Oh cool, I emailed Student Connect but haven't heard back yet. Good to hear that it's normal for the calculation to not be up yet, but I wonder if that means interview invites will be pushed back
  9. I'm IP and still waiting for my GPA to pop up on launchpad - getting nervous considering that we're getting closer and closer to interview invites, and it seems like most people have had theirs up for weeks now.
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