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  1. there is already a facebook groupchat. If you're in the ubc 2025 pharm facebook group. Scroll down to the mmi discord prep link. Join and in the ubc server ask to be added to the ubc groupchat. Someone will add you to the chat. Fb got rid of the link feature for fb group chats
  2. Retaking the first year classes would be good idea. They would take both your grades into account. Example: if you retake calculus and got 60% the first time, and 80% the second time, they would take both of those percentages into the final calculation. I would try to take fewer classes at a time and aim for higher marks so your avg is boosted
  3. My friend applied this year and got in His last 30 credits were 71%, first year avg was 79.5% Combined: 75.25% he went to a school that gives letter grades so this is what he think it converted to based on ubc's conversion charts.
  4. I haven't accepted my offer yet either. I would wait till tomorrow to see if the system refreshes overnight
  5. Yeah, the downloadable official admissions letter. Kinda wish they had mailed out the letters instead.
  6. Just got the admission letter email and the ssc tab for letter of admission
  7. I didn't see the deadline anywhere but also didn't get any follow up. I assumed we just send them in after getting our final grades back so I did. But apparently they are supposed to send a follow up email. Some people are saying that once they give you an offer than they ask for the transcript so now I'm just confused lmao
  8. They were? I sent mine when I got final grades back. Was I supposed to wait :/ ?
  9. No note taking allowed at all. We're only allowed a water bottle with us during the interview
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