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  1. We haven't received our confirmation emails yet. Looking back at previous years, more offers will go out once we receive them
  2. I don't think anyone has yet. I wouldn't email until they've sent them out and if you hadn't received it by then.
  3. Once you submitted your answer, the page should have said "We thank you for your time spent taking this survey. Your response has been recorded" and then on April 12 they will sent out emails for further instruction to those who responded 'yes' to the interview
  4. Confirmation emails are sent out April 12 with further details of the interview
  5. There were a couple of zoom info sessions scheduled on the pharm website for students wanting to apply for next years cycle. But some viewers were from this cycle and asked about interview invites etc.
  6. Interview invites will be coming out either end of this week or right at beginning of next week. They have not finalized anything yet. This year the avg looks to be around 80%. Some below, some above.
  7. Only 330 invites?? :0 I thought it was always around 400-500 invites..
  8. ohh. I'm assuming that person emailed someone from admissions. How was first year? Manageable under covid conditions?
  9. The previous years thread was mostly comparing averages and seeing what averages got an interview/offer
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