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  1. I just got my DAT scores back and I'm not too sure about my PAT, I'm pretty happy with everything else. Ideally I would want to go to Western or UofT. I scored 23RC, 23AA (25 Bio, 21 Chem) and 19 PAT. My average is a little on the lower side than what I see here, 87-88%, not sure about GPA. Do you think I should re-write and run the risk of lowering my RC/AA? Thanks for your help!!!
  2. Hope everyone did well! I got a 23AA (21 chem, 25 bio, 23 RC) and a 19 for PAT. I really want to go to UofT or UWO but I'm worried my PAT isn't good enough :/ Any thoughts?
  3. To be honest I can't even remember, something about evaporative cooling. I tried not to remember too many questions otherwise I'd drive myself crazy looking up the answers and beating myself up over it lol.
  4. I found it very fair- bio tripped me up on a couple questions and chem was straightforward. I also found RC to be on the slightly easier side (but I also had some background info on 2/3 articles so I may have just gotten lucky). I did find PAT challenging and I'm worried about that. Overall a fair exam though! edited to add: I was very surprised by how little application the bio section required; with the exception of 1-2 questions it was really "do you know this random fact or not"
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