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  1. Thank you for your reply! The poor grades are only from my first year but I'm from Quebec so my program is only 3 years long so when I apply, my winter semester of my first year will be counted. So, I'm just confused on what to do. Also, if I wanted to improve my subGPA, would it be smart to just the new easy classes from wtv program or redo some classes so that I can improve my cGPA as well?
  2. Hi all! I have sGPA 3.58 and a cGPA 2.6, with 300 hours working with children with disabilities. I don't have much experience and my GPA is mediocre I think. I was wondering if I should take a year off and take classes to boost my sGPA. Or, should I still apply to Queens (open to other university options) and hope for the best?
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