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  1. Thank you so much for your input :) i definitely got freaked out by r/premedcanada, since everyone there seems to have 3.9+ GPA haha Can you recommend any ways that my app can be improved? Should I include more volunteering into my application? Thanks!
  2. Hi guys, I’m a student in third year and just wanted someone to read over my stats. I'm an Ontario resident. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated (especially harsh ones)! I divided my app into high school and university: CURRENT cGPA: 3.88 Year 1: 3.87 Year 2: 3.9 (for whole year, 3.73 if excluding second sem + full year courses D:) Year 3: Predicted to be around 3.92-3.93 MCAT: TBD HIGHSCHOOL Service For a personal project, I led a team of 6 people that helped raise funds and refurbish an impoverished pediatric cancer ward in the Philippines (200 hours
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