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  1. Are Further Review Required and Invite are the same?
  2. Hey I am still unsure, should I put the grade for my old incomplete degree or not in section 3. Thanks
  3. For section 3 , should I put the grade of an uncompleted degree did before the one I use for my admission?
  4. Question, pour laval ,mtl et sherbrooke, chaque credit universitaire a le meme poids? 45 credits complete il y a 10 ans versus 90 credit d'un nouveau baccalaureat?
  5. Hey, What are the pros and cons of doing it twice? What score will count toward your application?
  6. I am doing it on the 24 of october, if anyone is interested in preping for it you can message me. ( I will write it in french, but I don't mind prepping in english as well)
  7. Good afternoon, I am just checking if there is any applicant for the 2021-2022 MMTP application cycle and if so, what school you are looking to apply.
  8. Hey , I am interested. Let me know what is your actual preparation plan.
  9. So they don't look at your prerequisites grades for the acamedic evaluation, only your cGPA from your last undergrad for the initial selection process?
  10. Just to make sure I understand properly. I did my prerequisistes 10 years ago. I am now completing a undergradute. Are my prerequisistes still good and will they count toward my GPA or not (my grade were not excellent at this moment)?
  11. Good afternoon, Thank you for your quick answer. Taking 3 courses definetly seems to shut down multiple options. I am going for 4 next semester, but working full time in the military and being a dad make it definetly more difficult to take more course. From my understanding all others school consider only 5 courses as a full course load? Do you know if others school are accepting smaller course load and only looking at your last degree or year? Any general advice. Thanks again
  12. Good morning, I am just trying to have guidance so I can take my future schooling decision wisely. Here is my story: Study in Ulaval for 45 credits from 2010-2012 . I had a really low gPA with no real goal. Since 2018, I am studying in Queen's part time (mostly 3 courses per semester or 9 courses per year). My current gPA is 4.2/4.3, i'm around 51 credits. I want to apply in med school some time in the next few years. I probably need a school that will be forgetting toward my first endeavour in university. Mcgill seems to be a good choice for that. Here are some q
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