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  1. Congrats to those accepted!! Here is a facebook page for the incoming class of 2025: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2612681969029772/
  2. There is a grading scale out of 30. Points are allocated to flatness/smoothness of the planes, measurement accuracy, angles are sharp and accurate (both internal and external ones), and symmetry/orientation of the carved pattern. Here's the CDA's rubric and potential patterns: https://www.cda-adc.ca/_files/becoming/dat/mdt/MDTGradingCriteriaPatternsforDistribution.pdf I think McGill looks at it as pass fail? But when UofA had it included in their admission decisions, higher scores were definitely better. In 2020, applicants had a mean score of 24.6/10 on the MDT portion at UofA for
  3. I feel like it went okay! I don't know that I gave the best content in my answers, but I'm overall happy that I didn't freeze up or have my hands shake the entire time :')
  4. I reached out to admissions today and the interview will be held on March 6th!
  5. Are they sending it to our "home emails" or to our uwo email? I am so nervous
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