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  1. My cGPA includes winter 2020 grades since McMaster does include that semester. Ottawa also includes winter 2020 grades. The UofT GPA and 2 year GPA does not include winter 2020 grades. Honestly, the two year GPA could be higher because the first sem of second year was 3.7 and I'm lowballing 3.9 for this year but I currently have high 90s in my courses so the GPA could be much closer to a 4.0.
  2. Hello! I am currently in third year and will be applying to med next year. I had a really bad first year but my GPA has gone on an upward trend and I have been getting 4.0 with some 3.9s since second semester of second year (including a summer semester and my current grades). Assuming I will be getting the same grades this year but accounting for slightly lower grades, I expect: cgpa/mac- 3.48 ottawa- 3.76 uoft- 3.72 queens and western-3.8 I have a lot of EC, published papers, LORs What are my chances of getting in next year (to mcmaster, ottawa, uoft, quee
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