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  1. For reference, I got in with those stats last year
  2. I also got in this past cycle with almost identical stats! prep for that interview and you have a good shot!
  3. I'll start by saying that I agree with Barbells' comments. In addition to those points, something to keep in mind is that admissions requirements are always fluid. For example, CASPER was added to this years admission without a great deal of warning. While something as small as the CASPER is not a significant determinant on where you want to do your undergrad, the point is that Usask could change their admission requirements at any time in a way that may have implications on getting accepted. Therefore, perhaps you should do your undergrad where it is best for you at this time, really focus on
  4. This is just speculation here, but I think that it would have to be a drastic drop In GPA for them to do anything to alter your chances at getting accepted. Given then nature of COVID, its even more likely that that is the case. With that being said I have not looked at the application information since last year. Nonetheless, id say you're fine!
  5. I also had a MUCH lower MCAT but a higher GPA and got accepted! You will be right in the mix with those stats!
  6. FWIW I also got accepted with a slightly worse MCAT and a slightly better GPA. Good luck!
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