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  1. Just a friendly reminder to everyone to study/do assignments if you have them like me
  2. Congrats I graduate in June as well! I've just been trying to hunker down and focus on all my classes. Playing lots of video games in my down time to keep my mind busy!
  3. If you look at the blog post from last year where Dr.P announced file review was done he says that they're beginning to meet to rank the files, which would indicate that no ranking has taken place yet. From that wording I would assume that there is no correlation between when your application is reviewed and status changed to 'awaiting decision' and if you'll receive an invite.
  4. I'm sure everyone is anxiously awaiting to hear if they'll receive and interview invitation. In the meantime, what is everyone doing to keep busy?
  5. What's everyone doing to keep their mind off of this? I spent all yesterday building a computer...and today trying to set up Windows installers from a Mac...10/10 would recommend as a distraction technique
  6. just registered so I can participate in one of these for the first time hope you all have been keeping busy during this agonizing wait period
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