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  1. Hello! I am just wondering if anyone here has accepted or is going to accept a place abroad.
  2. Hi! I got accepted to Brunel so far in the UK, and RGU in Scotland. Looking at Brunel as well, they seem to have a great program
  3. Does anyone know if we are given the questions in the PT Mac Kira Talent ahead of time? I've heard its 1-1.5minute answers so it'd be nice to have an idea of what they will ask. Also, if anyone has taken it, have the questions been standard or completely random? Ex: "why are you interested in our program? vs. "tell us what you would put in a time capsule opened in 200 years from now, that represents what the human race did well this year and what they could have improved on"... ? thanks!
  4. Has anyone heard from UofT or Queens PT? Any idea of when decisions/additional information is sent out? Thanks!
  5. My issue is the deadline to decide by the end of Feb. If I had a deadline more in March, I would at least have some decisions from other schools and not feel as pressured. I think I may have a chance. I applied to UofT, Western, Queen's and Mac for PT. My c-GPA is ~3.44 (I think) and ORPAS calculated my sub-GPA at 3.68 . I have strong references from a Biomech prof I had classes with and the owner of a private clinic. I have been working for a year as a R.Kin, lots of neuro, paediatrics, cardiorespiratory, and MSK. Primarily exercise therapy, manual therapy, modality work. WSIB, MVA
  6. Hi! I received a firm acceptance from a school in Ireland for PT. However they need a 3k non refundable deposit by Feb 25/2021 to secure the spot or my application Is discarded. Is this normal? I haven’t even had any interviews for other schools I’ve applied to in the UK and Ontario. My first one for another school in Ireland is tomorrow. i find it a bit unfair to be pushed to make a decision that quickly, especially when I don’t have another option right now.. I don’t want it to be the only school that accepts me and I waited for other schools that only ended up rejecting me?
  7. Hi there, I have applied to UK/Scotland/Ireland schools. I recently rec'd a interview request for Limerick University. I am wondering if anyone has experience with Ireland school interviews? Thanks!
  8. hello! I am applying to schools in Ireland that offer a MSc in Physiotherapy. My top choice is Limerick. If anyone can share any details on Limerick University, University College (UC) Cork, UC Dublin, and Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, that would be much appreciated. some guiding points - finances (tuition, cost of living), experiences with the programs and practicals/placements, people, time to travel and explore if you wanted? thanks! :-)
  9. Hi there! Which UK schools are you applying to, and why did you choose those? Are you using an application service like Across the Pond? Thanks!
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