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  1. Hi all, after getting rejected from my in province med school, I am looking at Ontario schools and determine if its worth applying. Since QUeens is a complete black box, I just want to ask if people with these MCAT scores manage to get into Queens. My score breakdown is 131/124/128/128. I know my CARS is horrible, but this is already my second take from a 123 last year. Thank you!
  2. Oof. I’m surprised UBC’s date is 3 days away from OMSAS D-day. The wait is so agonizing.
  3. Probably during the school year. They probably have to do more deliberation considering this award comes with high monetary value.
  4. I think PBL is actually great way to learn, especially in medicine where every problem/scenario is not an isolated case.
  5. Honestly, MAC has done so much to make the competition even more difficult for people in lower SES. CASPer is big waste of money. The fact that Mac claims it to have a high predictive power and yet requires you to take the exam every year makes no absolute sense to me. If the MCAT is valid for 5 years, why not implement this for CASPeR, if they claim that it truly tests your “personality,” then it should be more consistent. Also, without releasing the result (Quartile) of this annoying test doesn’t help much either. Secondly, their study also claimed that CARS has the most “predictive” of cli
  6. I am also non-traditional with a a border line A-/B+ average and I know this is my main weakness of my application. I got invited this year (thanks to my NAQ), but with a low average, it is an extremely uphill battle, so I can fully relate to OP’s situation. Also, when I compare the stats every year, the number of applicants getting in with an A/A+ average seem to be increasing (13% in 2010 and 34% in 2020 for A+) in while the number of admitted applicants with A-/B+ average tend to decrease (40% in 2010 and ~18% in 2020 for A- applicants). So, its very hard to stay optimistic However, I wis
  7. GPA wise, I think you’re solid for most of the schools you listed (maybe a little low for NOSM and Mac considering both schools look at cGPA). As for the MCAT, I think 512 is a solid score. I personally won’t rewrite it. Western’s cut off seems to be stabilizing (two years in a row, the cut offs tend to be the same). However, if you think you can bring it up to 516+, I think you should do it especially if you are confident that you can bring up your score! Now on to your ECs, I feel like they are very diverse! I’m sure if you write your application very well, you’ll have no problem l
  8. From Mcmaster’s website, it states “No, you can only write the Canadian Professional Health Sciences CASPer test once/application cycle. If you must write CASPer in August or September [for schools with an earlier test date requirement, such as Dalhousie School of Medicine] and are also applying to McMaster, you must add McMaster to your distribution list, once you have received your OMSAS number. ” So, disregard my earlier comment
  9. I know how you feel This year is my first interview too and after my interview, I actually have no idea how it went. I know there were some stations that I felt I could have done better, and my acting station was even worse. Unlike you though, my AQ and MCAT score are below average of the accepted applicants (based on 2018/2019 data). So, I really need an above average interview to even get a chance (which I think is very unlikely).
  10. If my memory serves me right, I think you can take another Casper test for Macmaster (if you decide to take the earlier one for Dalhousie). I don’t know about the other schools though.
  11. Woah! You have an above average interview, a top notch NAQ and a decent average! These stats deserve an acceptance. Though, what was your MCAT score? And this shows how the post interview review is such a big mystery
  12. Your stats are outstanding!! What was your interview score?
  13. That’s actually pretty interesting! That’s actually nice for UBC to invite candidates just for rural seats! It’s definitely a great way to increase the number of physicians in rural communities. Also, I wish I could apply for it too (as I’m interested in rural health), but I have zero rural connections Although, If EVER I get in this year, I would love to get involved with rural health.
  14. Just out of curiousity, does UBC have a separate rural applicant pool? Do they consider all applicants that filled out the rural suitability section of the application as potential candidates for rural seats?
  15. This is very impressive! I’m not surprised your NAQ is in the top 75-100th percentile. I’m just curious what’s your AGPA?
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