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  1. Thanks very much for your reply. To reply in line: 1) Yes I do have a UK IM license. Once I pass the Royal College IM exams (which I have been deemed eligible to sit based on my UK training), I will be eligible for the Canadian FRCPC IM. This is what the royal college have told me. 2) I should be a licensed internist in that case. 3) This was exactly my concern and thanks a lot for answering that so honestly. I can definitely still skill up here in the UK in critical care. There is no shortage of critical care fellowships atm, due to Covid. But, I think that fellowship
  2. I have been reading through these forums for the better part of the month and decided to bite the bullet and ask the questions that I have. Thanks in advance for your assistance. I am a Canadian born, UK-trained doctor hoping to settle back home in the GTA. I have completed internal medicine training (4 years) in the UK and initially was going down a very academic haem-onc path. However, I have recently realised that the passion I thought I had for research and haem-onc as a whole does not exist and what I really love about being a doctor is seeing and treating sick patients, while keepi
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