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  1. Hi there, I think you have a very similar situation to me. I completed 5 years of postgraduate medical training in the UK (foundation, core medical training and then a year of clinical research fellow). I have just matched to internal medicine through CaRMS. I am also a very similar age to you. I am happy for you to send me a message and connect.
  2. The one caveat I would give is, I never did go ahead and sit the FRCPC IM exam and subsequently get the FRCPC IM title. However, I did directly email the royal college credentials dept who stated that if I successfully passed the exam I would get that title but who knows if there would have been a hoop at the point. I haven't actually met a physician who has got licensed via the approved jurisdiction pathway, which also made me a bit nervous. I completely agree about the many hoops and this also contributed to me applying for residency as I wanted to be a part of the system and trained i
  3. Ultimately all I can do is disseminate the information as it has been given to me on this 2 year path of navigating the correct route for me. The royal college independently went through my entire training record and made their decision. You can look this up under the approved jurisdiction pathway. Registrar training is considered the equivalent of fellowship training. E.g. a person who has completed the training I have could then train as a haematology registrar, or a renal registrar etc. In order to reach the status which I have, I have had to pass the UK MRCP exams. You can have a loo
  4. HI thanks a lot for your message. I haven't really explored that aspect with the program as of yet. I will just have to see how I get along I suppose once I start. I don't think my training will end up being shortened at all. Maybe if I race through my competencies it could be but it is not something I am too bothered about. With respect to my UK training, if I were to break it down in a bit more detail I did: 2 years of a rotating internship (spent a lot of time in internal medicine specialties but a very junior role), I then did 2 years of core internal medicine residency. I then
  5. In case anyone ever stumbles upon this thread again and is in a similar situation, thought I would update my progress. I ended up applying for Internal Medicine Residency through CaRMS and found out I matched yesterday. The reason for my decision was I wanted to make sure I felt comfortable as an internist in Canada which I don't think I would have with my UK training to date alone. I also ended up getting rejected from one of the hospitalist UofT fellowship programs I applied for.
  6. Thanks very much for your reply. To reply in line: 1) Yes I do have a UK IM license. Once I pass the Royal College IM exams (which I have been deemed eligible to sit based on my UK training), I will be eligible for the Canadian FRCPC IM. This is what the royal college have told me. 2) I should be a licensed internist in that case. 3) This was exactly my concern and thanks a lot for answering that so honestly. I can definitely still skill up here in the UK in critical care. There is no shortage of critical care fellowships atm, due to Covid. But, I think that fellowship
  7. I have been reading through these forums for the better part of the month and decided to bite the bullet and ask the questions that I have. Thanks in advance for your assistance. I am a Canadian born, UK-trained doctor hoping to settle back home in the GTA. I have completed internal medicine training (4 years) in the UK and initially was going down a very academic haem-onc path. However, I have recently realised that the passion I thought I had for research and haem-onc as a whole does not exist and what I really love about being a doctor is seeing and treating sick patients, while keepi
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