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  1. i dont see the button either and i've registered for courses...
  2. https://mdprogram.med.ubc.ca/2021/05/21/doctors-of-bc-presidential-scholars-award-in-medicine/ the blog was just updated to say the award has been given out!
  3. I also got in with very similar stats as well. I know of people with lower MCATs who got in, as long as ur ECs are strong and you have a good interview you have a decent shot! UBC doesn't emphasize the MCAT as much as some other Canadian meds in my opinion.
  4. Congrats to everyone who received offers!!! and for those who didn't get good news, it will just be a matter of time It still feels so surreal. But I have been thanking verifiers and references and started to get paranoid. Does UBC rescind offers ever? Is there a chance I will actually not be attending in the fall...? Thanks everyonee
  5. my last name is Z but got accepted to VFMP at 8:15! i really was expecting it way later
  6. apparently someone's already got an NMP acceptance?? in the other thread.
  7. As D-Day looms closer, I am becoming more and more paranoid and neurotic lol... As a third year applicant, my winter 2021 semester courses are included in my 90 credit requirement but even tho the semester technically ends on Apr 30th, the grades don't come out until early May... Does this still work for the Apr 30th deadline? Thanks all!
  8. I feel like we will hear on Friday about when D-Day is
  9. Does anyone else feel like they might have overshared in the interview? I was giving a few personal examples and I mentioned some adversity I overcame but I'm not sure if these examples would be too excessive? They seemed appropriate in the moment though. How do you gauge which life experiences are appropriate to share?
  10. i felt like my answers lacked depth and was a bit superficial and although i dont think anything went terrible per say I don't think my answers were unique enough... felt like i could only think of points everyone else probably thought of as well ://
  11. Here is a GPA conversion table from OMSAS with a lot canadian unis. https://www.ouac.on.ca/guide/omsas-conversion-table/ By the looks of it in the schools that only give letter grades, McGill is the only school that doesn't give A+. The conversion table only gives A a 92 so I would say yes it does put these student at a disadvantage in this sense. However, for McGill, 85 is an A, meaning even if they get 86 in a course, UBC will treat it as a 92. So for those who are barely scraping As in their courses it can actually be an advantage!
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