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  1. i felt like my answers lacked depth and was a bit superficial and although i dont think anything went terrible per say I don't think my answers were unique enough... felt like i could only think of points everyone else probably thought of as well ://
  2. Here is a GPA conversion table from OMSAS with a lot canadian unis. https://www.ouac.on.ca/guide/omsas-conversion-table/ By the looks of it in the schools that only give letter grades, McGill is the only school that doesn't give A+. The conversion table only gives A a 92 so I would say yes it does put these student at a disadvantage in this sense. However, for McGill, 85 is an A, meaning even if they get 86 in a course, UBC will treat it as a 92. So for those who are barely scraping As in their courses it can actually be an advantage!
  3. Hi all! Does anyone know how UBC takes the "exceptional circumstances" section of our initial application into account when making post-interview decisions? Also what types of challenges is considered to be "exceptional"? For those who received a rural only interview invite does that put you at a disadvantage since you are only competing for 44 seats? and if so, how many people usually get these rural only invites? Thanks and good luck everyone :))
  4. I am having the same problem ahaha i'm gonna send them an email tomorrow through the communication tab.
  5. Hey all, I am currently in a lab doing some volunteer research and I have two options for the professional reference. I can either use my lab supervisor (a PhD student in the lab) or my PI as my reference. my PI knows me but not as well as my lab supervisor as we see each other everyday and are much closer than I am with my PI, which would be the better option in this case? Will UBC even accept a letter from a graduate student? Thanks!
  6. hey! since the application was early in the semester, i ended up changing my schedule and courses around for this upcoming school year after submitting my application. this means my final transcript will have different courses than what was originally indicated on my application. my english and 90 credit requirement will still be fulfilled, so that won't be affected. i was wondering if this is ok? thanks
  7. Hi all! Does anyone know how UBC makes decisions post interview? Is it just from your interview and references or do they still look at your application and GPA/MCAT scores? Thanks in advance
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