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  1. a lot of pessimists here lol. I think most of the people we have heard that got an invite had early alphabet last names. not one has said something like S or Z so just relax, UBC people have to eat lunch too.
  2. True, imagine if they just said after tomorrow that if you haven't gotten an email yet, you won't be receiving an invite this year.
  3. 300+applicants this year compared to last year. wonder what lead to such an increase in applicant numbers... the other stats did not seem to change much. 121 more OOP but still 180 IP.. good luck everyone fingers crossed.
  4. with a few days left before invites/regrets go out I started browsing the internet and found this forum. I am a nontrad with 3+ years of experience as a RN. I was feeling pretty confident about my chances until i read some of the posts on this forum lol. My GPA during school was pretty mid around 84-85% but no research and/or publish experiences. MCAT was pretty mid too at 512. Got me kinda stressing
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