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  1. Hi everyone! I got an offer off the waitlist today but will be declining I sincerely hope this helps someone else <3 Good luck!
  2. Result: Accepted!!!!! Geography: IP GPA: 3.87 MCAT: 129 CARS Degree: BSc in Nursing ECs: Oh gosh this was my strong suit for sure. Message me for details! Interview: Felt good about it overall, but not as good as I felt about other interviews! Feeling very torn, but mostly just exceptionally grateful. I never dreamed I would find myself in this position. I feel so humbled and so so so fortunate. I was also very fortunate to get an offer at U of A! If anyone else in this boat wants to message
  3. I got an offer as well you guys!!!! Congrats everyone!!! I was also lucky enough to receive one at U of A but am having trouble making up my mind. Anyone else in this boat & wanna talk it over?!
  4. "In 2018-19, year we sent out a total of 276 offers to reach our target number of 139." Dang!! That's a ton of offers. I suspect there may be a good deal of waitlist movement as OMSAS released yesterday, & U of A came out last week! Best of luck to everyone Sending you all hugs. Remember to be proud of yourselves for coming this far. It is no small feat even to successfully submit an application to med school!
  5. Thanks you guys!!! I truly wish you all the best of luck
  6. Hi everyone! Time stamp: 8:22 am EST Decision: Waitlisted GPA: 3.81 Context: OOP --> From rural Western Canada EC's: Oh gosh this was my strong suit for sure. Message me for details as it is a long, long list! Year: I believe this refers to year of undergrad... in which case, graduated June 2020. Previous applications: 2nd time applicant! I have been accepted elsewhere and will likely be removing myself from the NOSM waitlist I still feel very happy to be waitlisted as an OOP student!!! I hope this is helpful for someone else and wish you
  7. Hey guys! I got waitlisted as well, but got in at another school and will be likely removing myself from the waitlist Hope that helps someone else!! For reference, I am OOP (Western Canadian), & my time stamp was 8:22 am. H last name!
  8. Here is your next glimmer .... I am so sorry that you have had to go through this process 6 times, but, that in itself demonstrates incredible resilience and dedication that will serve you well as a doctor I can see how it's easy to say "stay hopeful" from my perspective, and I don't know if this will help you at all, but you have solid stats that can easily wind up in that accepted pile. Although I have only had to endure this process twice, I tried/learned a variety of different things over the last 2 years that I think were really helpful this cycle in terms of writing my applications
  9. Result: Accepted!!!!! I CANNOT BELIEVE IT Timestamp: 9:11 AM MST Geography: IP (I believe I qualified as rural) GPA: 90% average --> 3.79 at U of A, U of C gives me a 3.87! lol MCAT: 506 (!!!) 129 CARS Degree: BSc in Nursing ECs: Oh gosh this was my strong suit for sure. Message me for details! Interview: Felt really good about it!!! 1 reviewer said some very positive things to me and that felt awesome. Felt the best of my interviews. I SERIOUSLY CAN'T BELIEVE IT. I owe it all to God and my family for all of the support and help over the years, as w
  10. Has anyone reached out to admissions by any chance...? Could be the thing to do?
  11. Hey guys. I have the message. I am IP. Hope this helps.
  12. Is anyone (everyone?) else feeling very antsy waiting until May? I feel like I fall asleep thinking about the results.... wake up thinking about the results.... go to the gym & think about the results... dream that I missed my MMI & imagined the whole thing... lol.
  13. I just wanted to pop on here and tell you that if this is your dream, DO NOT GIVE UP <3 Take some time off, take a year to re-group, but I believe in you. A few points, my fine internet homie: - Dr. Walker (the past dean of admissions @ U of C) said in some video I watched last summer: "if you've applied 3 years in a row, and have not received an interview, that's when it's time to rework your application". It sounds like you are 2 cycles into this process, and as we all know, it is a process indeed. You're not alone <3 - Apply to more schools!!! It sounds like you're ap
  14. Hi all! There's been another blog update containing interview details which I thought I'd share below. https://wpsites.ucalgary.ca/mdadmissions/2021/01/29/re-update-on-interview-invites-dates-mmi-structure/
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