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  1. I just wanted to pop on here and tell you that if this is your dream, DO NOT GIVE UP <3 Take some time off, take a year to re-group, but I believe in you. A few points, my fine internet homie: - Dr. Walker (the past dean of admissions @ U of C) said in some video I watched last summer: "if you've applied 3 years in a row, and have not received an interview, that's when it's time to rework your application". It sounds like you are 2 cycles into this process, and as we all know, it is a process indeed. You're not alone <3 - Apply to more schools!!! It sounds like you're ap
  2. Hi all! There's been another blog update containing interview details which I thought I'd share below. https://wpsites.ucalgary.ca/mdadmissions/2021/01/29/re-update-on-interview-invites-dates-mmi-structure/
  3. Hi all, I'll be doing an MMI via a site called Kira Talent. While I'm super excited about the opportunity, I'm curious about the interview format. If anyone has experience interviewing using this software, could you please advise if we will be interacting live with an interviewer, or simply recording video responses to the questions posed? TIA
  4. The one thing I was able to find was on their class profiles -- they seem to accept between 5-7 OOP students every year so I'd imagine they "hold" that many OOP seats each cycle. Their mandate seems to suggest that too, as they were created to serve the needs of NO, which is of course a worthwhile initiative. So I think they definitely prioritize IP students, much like most other Canadian med schools!
  5. Yes I have heard similar stats! I'm curious to know if even at the interview stage it's more difficult to secure an acceptance for those of us who are not from Ontario... I'm a bit nervous about that
  6. Hi all! Does anyone know how roughly many OOP/Non-NO students NOSM interviews each year?
  7. I sure hope so! Didn't know about the Q&A or student presentations though Exciting! When/how do those take place typically?
  8. I think the outfit sounds a-okay -- I'd test it out on your webcam first to see how you like it/how it presents online, as I know my webcam isn't the greatest quality & I'd want to find out what it looks like/how the contrast is/whether the camera adapts & how it makes the lighting look, etc. I'd also be cognizant of how warm you may be during an interview with nerves & all. I'd try wearing the outfit in advance for an hour or two to get a feel for it. Personally, I'd probably overheat in a turtleneck and blazer! As for the hair, I think you should feel confident going in with
  9. Still shaking/in shock: Timestamp: 9:15 am ESTInterview: YesGPA: 3.81 for OMSASContext: Rural upbringing in western Canada until I went to university, student with disabilities. Extensive volunteerism/work & advocacy with both indigenous groups & persons with disabilities. Some research including a prestigious award/scholarship, several scholarships/awards during my undergrad, held a job throughout my undergrad to pay rent/etc. Currently working as a Registered Nurse in a rural community. I wrote my essays from the heart & quite emotionally.# of previous applications: Second
  10. http://mdadmissions.ucalgaryblogs.ca/ Here is the blog update for anyone interested in reading it Courtesy of @jadeemzon the UofC med interview invites thread
  11. Aside from work (I graduated in June), I'm trying to get lots of exercise/work on quickening my running pace, still learning to love the online volunteering format (lol), aaand baking an unhealthy amount of cookies/treats How about you?
  12. Hi all! IP applicant over here who submitted Sept. 29, still has my application status listed as "submitted". It's definitely making me a bit nervous, but it very well (hopefully) could mean nothing. My top theories are: - This (maybe) means they didn't read my app & go "thanks but no thanks", immediately tossing it out along with my hopes and dreams.... so.... I like this theory. Lol. - Along this same line, maybe my score is close to the cutoff and they haven't made a decision yet. Welp. - They haven't reviewed my file yet (pls let this not be the case
  13. Program: MD Result: Regrets (not really surprised given I'm probably average for OOP) Timestamp: 2:38 pm EST, Jan 14 OMSAS GPA: 3.87 CARS: 129 IP/OOP: OOP Casper: Felt good, did extensive prep for several months, wrote 5 practice exams & received really positive feedback so I felt hopeful! First year applying with a non-trad academic background. Congrats to all those interviewing
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