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  1. Any news? This is really odd. They said March 1st so it really should be today. My only guess is there was a glitch and it will be sent tonight (if they want to stand by their word) or they'll postpone it for tomorrow.
  2. I guess keep in mind that UofT normally does in-person MMI, and this was there first time doing virtual interviews in a different format ("traditional"), so I guess everyone can have highly varying experiences. I felt like I could not speak very long about their questions, so my answers ended early with lots of time left over. Did some follow up questions for a few minutes but overall the interview was less than 20 minutes for sure. Was not really conversational for me. Pretty fast question-answer-question-answer...
  3. Did you guys get two of the same email with your results?
  4. Anyone know if they use hard DAT cutoffs? Can high GPA compensate a very low PAT?
  5. i'm wondering if uoft has sent out the verification/turnitin email yet that they have received the apps
  6. I wrote on Nov 26th and I'm not sure what the process is to see DAT scores. Will I get an email or is there somewhere I need to go to see my score? Edit: I just tried to download my score on the webpage by providing my email and the purchase reference number. But it says my info does not match their records? Anyone else had this problem?
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