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  1. TIME STAMP: 10:13 AM Result: Interview (MD) IP GPA: 3.99 wGPA MCAT: 512 ECs: research volunteering, clubs long term, hospital volunteering, scholarship and some other stuff Essays: spent over 2 weeks Year: 4th year Still in shock, this is my second cycle and first invite, good luck everyone!!
  2. Do people expect to hear about second wave of invites today still
  3. Invite/Rejection: Rejection Time Stamp: 12:36 pm Location: IP Stream: English cGPA: 3.97 Current year: 4th year undergrad ECs: some research, many clubs (leads and founder), full entrance scholarship, hospital volunteering etc a variety of things Casper and Snapshot: felt okay, completed everything but not the fastest type, sad to think my typing may decide if I get into med school Congrats to all those with invites
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