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  1. Hey all, With everything submitted, I was wondering what some of the most popular sites are this year. this is just out of curiosity.
  2. DOes anyone know if for the online interview the prompt will disappear once our prep time is up? I was also wondering if we are allowed pen & paper to jot down some notes. I'm curious if anyone had asked the UBC adcom or has any insight on this
  3. Hello everyone, I'll keep it nice and short. I was wondering if anyone here had any good insight on the different medical school sites (i.e NMP, IMP, SMP, VFMP) and what each of their strengths/weaknesses are. I realize there's an open house coming up, but I'd be very interested to hear anyone's thoughts on this! From what I understand so far: IMP: Nice city, climate, small class size SMP: Great skiing, small class sizes NMP: Excellent for family medicine, small class sizes VFMP: Where you want to go to specialize
  4. While I'm aware this has probably been asked before, I was hoping someone would have an answer as to how a school with A+ (90-100), A (85-89), A- (80-84) converts letter grades to % at u of s. Unfortunately the admissions office has been very unhelpful and after waiting about a month they responded that " 100/5 = 20, 20 x your GPA = percentage out of a 100 100/4 = 25, 25 x your GPA = percentage out of 100 100/4.33 = 23.09 etc., 23.09 x your GPA = percentage out of a 100 Please keep in mind, these are approximations, not exact equivalencies." This does not
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