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  1. I agree, I definitely felt scrambled at points. But, we are all in the same boat so just have to hope for the best. Best of luck to you !
  2. Yes! There’s 2 emails they provide that you can send to, sent it to the one that’s by “Step 1”. The second email provided doesn’t work. I’ve let them know about it!
  3. I just got my scores like 15 mins ago. I wrote on the 24th
  4. My ubc application has DAT scores checked off now so I think they have them unless they need to get re submitted or something
  5. I just spoke with CDA on the phone, the lady told me some were uploaded briefly and then removed and that the scores should be available within the next 5 business days. (Writing this on December 16, 2020)
  6. I’m also waiting! Does anyone if they have been sent out? They told us the 15th but maybe it’s delayed ?
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