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  1. Does anyone have any good recommendations and does it really matter at all? My laptop recently died on me so I was thinking of getting a MacBook Pro since everyone I know that has one it has lasted them years with no issue (however, the high price isn’t ideal). Does anyone have any input on this?
  2. Someone got rejected with a 523 and 95.4% if that’s relevant ?
  3. Honest feedback: First of all, you should be proud of yourself for being a very above average student and having well-rounded activities That being said, ECs are good enough to get you an interview if you had maybe a 92+% GPA. If you’re in the lower GPA scale you are going to need some major dedicated commitments that are truly above and beyond. Good to rewrite that MCAT as it’ll help you post interview. I’d either work on your GPA and then try to make some major EC impacts after you graduate. Don’t spread yourself too thin UBC explicitly states they value strong commitment to one ov
  4. It’s worth considering too that many people with excellent grades are increasingly having very excellent NAQ scores and extracurricular experiences as well. Although there are always people that may lack some knowledge about medicine, it can be equally questionable that a subjective assessment of ECs will determine who will be a better physician. How well an EC gets rated can hinge on a persons ability to word their own activity well. The simple fact is that EVERY part of the admissions process is frustrating for someone, and it’s important to not build assumptions and resentment to those
  5. Historically it has been around 14 May! Specifically the second Friday in May in the late morning. Hope that helps your nerves
  6. I was under the impression they had specifically stated in an faq that it is not taken into consideration
  7. But that wouldn’t consider the MCAT at all. Furthermore, NAQ is used 50% for interview invites so even if not used in final selection is still is very important in the process
  8. Having amnesia for approximately 90% of the interview helps for sure with that for me personally
  9. Yeah I mean I hope that it doesn’t dock too many marks but I guess we’ll see ahahah
  10. Yeah it was very strange because I felt I had great timing, we went thru two follow up Qs and was about to wrap it up when they interject and ask something else when I have just over 10 seconds left. It almost seemed as if they didn’t know how much time was left??
  11. Yes I agree. There is this strange narrative where people seem to assume that good grades and MCAT are associated with horrible people skills/ ECs / ethics (in my own experience). If anything, I’ve found the opposite but that’s just my own anecdotal experience with that. It’s too easy to get lost in all the neuroticism and hype around Med school. I feel we all tend to overthink this a bit.
  12. . You are assuming only 10 OOP get accepted but they explicitly say 29 get accepted every year into the program and probably at least 2/3 of OOP have 90+. Therefore, it’s more likely that only 68 people above 90% got in for IP and 82 got rejected for a likelihood of 45% for IP applicants that have over 90% GPA. for your second point, your logic may be bit flawed and you’re making a few assumptions. You’re assuming that nearly all of those with 90% average got an interview but there is nothing to suggest that. I think you should consider other confounding variables like that perhap
  13. Idk if anyone else felt this but I answered one or two follow ups and then they’d begin asking a third question with like 15 sec left not giving me any time to answer?
  14. Ideally it’d be best to take what you find interesting not what’s “easiest” but that’s just my two cents
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