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  1. Does anyone who applied to MD/PhD but did not get any info yet (i.o.w. rejection for the joint program) know if this means we are out for MD too, or is it still possible to get an MD interview? Did anyone apply for MD/PhD and get an MD only interview in the first round?
  2. Anyone know when MD/PhD typically hear back from Queen's? / if they send you a rejection or not?
  3. Gotcha, thanks for responding. I didn't get an interview, so im expecting an R too.
  4. thanks, all valid points. Like you said, this year is definitely abnormal in many ways, so we just cross our fingers and hope for the best! Goodluck everyone!
  5. Does anyone know if all the MD/PhD interviews are now out?
  6. Me too! I know its late but would really appreciate joining for some practice!
  7. Tyty! I really appreciate, I've found it very helpful to look at them for Dal and previous years as well.
  8. Oh okay thanks for clearing up my confusion I knew I copy-pasted weird, but the response made me think I put it in the wrong spot or something. Best of luck to you and everyone!
  9. Hmm sorry not sure what you mean is this not the right forum? I thought we were supposed to fill in that template...
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