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  1. Does taking orgo in the summer look bad for med school admissions? The course isn't needed for my degree but I have to take it to fulfill pre reqs at some med schools. Should I take the course in the summer or should I just take it during the regular year?
  2. Is the 3.85/4.0 based on all four years of undergrad or the last 3?
  3. I have currently started my first year in university and failed an elective unrelated to my degree. As for my other grades such as physiology, chem, etc I have a 4.0 in them (as of rn, just submitted my exams) . I had a 90 throughout that elective as well but certain situations in my household came leading me to fail the exam and ultimately the course. I know this mark does not define me as a student and is certainly an anomaly in my transcript and if I were to take the class again, I would most definitely get a 4.0. Im just wondering are my chances realistically gone for medical school in Ont
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