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  1. Hey - I'm in the same position as you, and it's hard. I've interviewed three times all with below average interviews. Each year and interview I have felt like I improved... I think the people we are competing with are next level and there is certain amount of luck that goes into getting an offer. You (and myself) can definitely improve, but I don't think that it means there is an issue with you, and it sucks that the process makes us feel this way. Take a bit, it's okay to feel sad/lost/frustrated... those emotions are important. As for actual advice, I am at a loss. I feel like I
  2. This process is ruthless Year 4 of applying and wondering if it's worth it anymore
  3. Looks like the span of a few hours. But last year regrets came out before and this year no one has reported one yet.
  4. Legit feels like they like to screw with us sometimes hahaha
  5. I fee ya but it's not over yet... I'm holding out still. Good luck!
  6. Did some sleuthing and looks kind of random time-wise for offers; could come over the span of a couple hours. Regrets look to come out at the same time though.
  7. Agreed, kind of seems weird to have people spend time on the application who aren't getting in.
  8. No experience with the university or program but I am wondering why you are considering a second degree. Is it just to boost GPA? As someone who works in the field of Kinesiology, there's not a ton of opportunity there imo. Most of the people I graduated with have moved on to do other things and I only graduated three years ago. Kin can be a good stepping stone but it's hard finding a steady position and pay is not great (for the most part). As with any field, you can carve out a niche and do well but that seems to be the exception.
  9. Hey smart, my best advice for studying CARS (and the MCAT in general) is to create a spreadsheet to document your errors. I would have a column for source/passage/question, my answer, why I answered that why, what the actual answer was, why did I get it wrong (content related, comprehension of question, etc.), what I could do differently next time/do I need to brush up on something. Practice the passage like normal but when you go back to review answers, go through the rubric and fully analyze everything. It's time consuming but very helpful.
  10. But that wouldn't consider NAQ at all? I could see a 50/50 split between TFR score and interview
  11. Yeah, regrets with below average interview. I felt OK at the time but it was my first interview so hard to gauge at the time. I didn't think it went all that well but I didn't feel horrible about it. I was optimistic I would still get offered a spot.
  12. I think you need at least an average interview. I had similar stats my first cycle (94% GPA, 520 MCAT, TFR of 67 and cutoff was 51) and didn't get a spot or wait listed. I really feel like the interview is the major factor used to evaluate you. No one knows for sure but I would think at the very least 50% of your overall score is probably strictly interview.
  13. Well thats a wrap! Congrats to everyone that got an invite. To those that didn't... it sucks, I know how you feel. Be kind to yourself, enjoy your holidays, and take care.
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