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  1. That makes complete sense. And it seems like Sask is just collecting data on Casper so I don't think it'll bring the cutoff down this cycle anyway...good thing is it seems like Casper is giving feedback starting this cycle for the first time ever (they tell you your quartile) and and I'll be writing in August I'm guessing for MUN so I'll know my Casper quartile before the UofM app is due (if it's 75-100th percentile then I'll definitely give a shot there)
  2. Thanks for the insight! Guess I'l keep an eye out to see if Sask changes their CASPer evaluation. If not, then it sounds like Manitoba might be worth a shot & saving the cash with Sask might be a better idea
  3. Congrats!! Out of curiosity, what would you say you changed this year compared to last year? Asking as someone currently in the same boat, this cycle was my first time applying and I got 0 interviews despite having competitive grades and (imo + the opinions of others) some solid ECs so something definitely needs to be changed
  4. Finalizing which schools to apply to this coming cycle, are Manitoba & Sask OOP worth my time + money? My MCAT Score is a 518 (128/131/129/130).....I feel like that may be a little low for Sask but unsure if there's a chance with that at the UofM
  5. Definitely could’ve been CASPer for me as well since I didn’t get an IP Mac invite with 3.76/131 so I must have done pretty damn bad
  6. So my score breakdowns were 3.92/129.5/5 i really wish we were able to get an idea of where we fell in the ranking, wondering if that would’ve been enough to get an interview had a I been an IP applicant
  7. https://elentra.healthsci.queensu.ca/community/mdinterviews Queen's Med interview site has been updated for 2021, so it looks like invites/regrets should be tomorrow
  8. Did they contact recently? Or are you talking about when they contacted some verifiers back in November?
  9. Where do you find the number of people that made it past the GPA/MCAT cutoffs? I recall reading that number somewhere as well but I can't remember where
  10. Definitely not the case about it being a death sentence...some verifiers are busy people and it's understandable they might miss a single email in their inbox. The odd part is that Western didn't reach out to you if they couldn't get in touch with your verifier, which is what schools usually do Maybe it wasn't that important and it's not a big deal? The verifier emails were sent to some verifiers all the way back in November which is reaaaally early especially on an OMSAS timeline...I also know a lot of people (some well over MCAT cutoffs) didn't have any verifiers contacted whats
  11. I wonder if we'll finally get some sort of update this week on the admissions blog
  12. Checked this morning and said submitted but checked an hour ago and it changed so looks like they're not taking any days off
  13. I wouldn't stress too much! Mine still says submitted as well If anyone's thinking that it still says "submitted" because they're not interested then it's also just as likely that they are interested and saving those till the end Of course I don't think either of these are true whatsoever lol, likely just random and they haven't gotten around to reviewing/updating them all (if they were finished then there would have been an update on the blog by now saying so)
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