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  1. Last Thursday of January seems to be a date that they like historically so this coming Thursday is very possible
  2. This might be a dumb question and I might have missed this detail somewhere but I'm assuming the MMI is asynchronous?
  3. Nope nothing. I think if you try clicking the link again and it says "you have completed the survey already or your session has expired" then you're all good they'll probably reach out to us next week with details
  4. Result (Invite/Regrets): Invite! Time Stamp: 2:51 PM wGPA: 3.88 Year: Grad student MCAT (CP/CARS/BB/PS): 128/131/129/130 CASPER (Quartile): 4 ECs: A mix of some cookie cutter stuff but I also had a lot of cool stuff that I'm passionate about Geography (IP/OOP): IP After not getting a single interview across the country last year, I feel extremely blessed to be getting interviews this time around
  5. MMIs also seem to be much earlier this year than year's past so this coming week does seem likely since I'm sure they'd wanna give enough time for people to confirm their attendance, sign any forms, etc.
  6. Program: MD Result: Invite Timestamp: 1:05 PM OMSAS GPA: 3.76 CARS: 131 IP/OOP: IP Casper: 4th Q 10 straight R's over 2 application cycles later, so excited for my first ever invite!!
  7. It was in the rejection email last year
  8. Casper for UofA is pass/fail so all you would need is to have that minimum score, but I am unsure as to what that minimum score would be
  9. In the acknowledgement email they did say "late January" however they do say this every year (including last year when I applied) so it's never the case
  10. For what it's worth they also sent the acknowledgement email 8 days earlier than last year as well so hopefully that means they'll come out earlier than last year as well. But mid-week next week or the week after (more so the week after i.e. week of the 10th) is definitely likely
  11. McMaster does not care about ECs so you're fine there, you're definitely not the first person to try the CARS only strategy on the MCAT so it's not a crazy thing to do. If medicine is what you want then I would definitely apply because you have a great GPA, and the other 2 components Mac cares about are CARS & CASPer. I would suggest taking a mock CARS section to see where you're at and go from there. There's nothing about needing medical ECs, as long as you have life experiences to talk about during an MMI when appropriate then that's fine as they don't need to be related to medicine
  12. That makes complete sense. And it seems like Sask is just collecting data on Casper so I don't think it'll bring the cutoff down this cycle anyway...good thing is it seems like Casper is giving feedback starting this cycle for the first time ever (they tell you your quartile) and and I'll be writing in August I'm guessing for MUN so I'll know my Casper quartile before the UofM app is due (if it's 75-100th percentile then I'll definitely give a shot there)
  13. Thanks for the insight! Guess I'l keep an eye out to see if Sask changes their CASPer evaluation. If not, then it sounds like Manitoba might be worth a shot & saving the cash with Sask might be a better idea
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