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  1. Assuming it’s an R now so.:( gpa: 3.99 ECs: not insanely strong but I have some research, lots of teaching/mentorship essays: had them reviewed by 2 UofT med students- one said it was the strongest essays he had reviewed so far. I love writing so I don’t think it was that? But who tf knows MCAT: 516 (129/128/130/129) this one really hurt me. I felt extremely confident in my essays. This is far from my first R (4 R’s, 2 invites), but I really, really wanted U of T. I’m really hurt
  2. Rejected OOP here: 93.97 gpa and 75-100 NAQ. I Would Like To Know. How Do I Improve. what more do they want edit: it was 0-25 naq lol<3
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