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  1. Congrats!!! Such amazing news! Can I also message you? Lol
  2. Rejected. Straight rejected. I am devastated. I have a background in Indigenous research. 5+ years with publications. From a small rural town. Born, raised, and raising my family here. Worked in my own community as well as traveling to rural and remote First Nation communities all over Northern Ontario. Along with so many other experiences. My GPA is a definite weakness (3.58), but I am working on that. I at least hoped for a wait list. I feel so hopeless. Thank you for checking in.
  3. This thread has been viewed 3k times, pretty sure at least 2k of those views are mine. Lol. I am not doing well. I have zero focus. COME ON MAY 11
  4. Started a book club with a friend. Drowning in actual work (non-trad, researcher), having weird dreams induced by anxiety and gnawing my nails down. You?
  5. Hi all, I hope everyone is handling the wait well, assuming you’ve completed your interviews! I know Ontario schools are set to release offers on May 11 this year. But I’m wondering if direct offers will be sent out by schools first or if OMSAS will update first? I’m just over here being obsessive and avoiding all the work that I actually need to be doing because I can’t stop thinking about my fate. Any insight is appreciated!
  6. I said I wasn't going to obsess and visit the forums. But here I am... obsessing and visiting the forums. I had the opportunity to do the interview twice because my initial interview on March 6th was fraught with technical issues. I completed the interview yesterday morning and I feel the same as previous poster-- 6/8 went great. Two stern interviewers threw me off but I managed to ramble and do okay? I don't really know. I am absolutely overthinking and having lots of anxiety thinking about May 11. Good luck to you !!
  7. Invites are out!!!! Timestamp: 7:27 am Interview: Yes OMSAS GPA: 3.38+0.2 MA boost = 3.58 (my biggest weakness) Context: born and raised in NWO. Population less than 2000. 3 years down east in Ottawa area, but came back to NWO 9 years ago. EC: Chief Research Officer for Indigenous-based organization, employment working in rural and remote Northern communities, 4 kids, employment tenure in adult learning+ lots of other stuff. # application cycles: This is my first. Interview details: March 6 @ 10. Definitely non-trad.
  8. I also suspect a troll. I got that email this weekend. When I read message preview and realized it was from from NOSM admissions, my stomach jumped into my throat. :/ I am hoping Wednesday at the latest.
  9. I’m interested too. I’m still waiting on interview invites, but I’ll reach out to tentatively practise!
  10. Thank you for this. Damn. I didn’t want to wait the whole weekend, lol.
  11. Yes! How did you get it so early??? Nothing over here..which makes me very nervous.
  12. Me too!!! I’m not even ashamed to admit I went back in previous years’ threads to see when invites went out before.
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