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  1. Thank you for this. Damn. I didn’t want to wait the whole weekend, lol.
  2. Yes! How did you get it so early??? Nothing over here..which makes me very nervous.
  3. Me too!!! I’m not even ashamed to admit I went back in previous years’ threads to see when invites went out before.
  4. I’m stressed/excited. The application acknowledgement said mid-end of January I think. But I’ve heard it could be anytime as previous poster said. Good luck fellow applicants!
  5. Yes! They originally sent on October 21– but I suspect it went to my junk folder and I believe it automatically deletes after a certain amount of days. They promptly re-sent it to me for my records.
  6. Thanks so much for this response— I might just go ahead and email them to make sure my application was received. It will ease my anxiety.
  7. I only received an email from OMSAS after I submitted my application— does NOSM send an acknowledgment of their own as well? My anxiety is heightened as I wait for interview invites, and now I’m worried they didn’t get my application :/
  8. Honestly, I’m not sure of any 2 year degrees. You could potentially find a three year program and see if you can get transfer credit, but I’m not entirely sure. I’m also in Ontario, and Athabasca was my best option. I wish you luck going forward! It’s really interesting and challenging to start with science-based material after being enveloped in a different discipline for so long. I actually feel like I’m learning and not just trying to obtain a credit.
  9. I’m just starting so I can’t comment for sure on how easy it is to maintain a higher GPA. The thing to remember is that the material is similar, regardless of where you are taking the courses, so if you’ve thrived in a social-science based program, then you’ll probably do well in the Health Administration program. I have a background in Social Sciences so I felt comfortable going into this program. Since my school of choice has no preference for major, I decided to take a program that I knew would be easier. I’m taking biology as an elective right now, and I’m learning everything from the grou
  10. Check out Athabasca University. In my opinion, as they’ve always been a distance education university, they’ve got their courses down and running like a well oiled-machine. I don’t “need” a second degree, but it will certainly help me to be more competitive in the future if I don’t get in successfully with my current stats so I chose Athabasca for flexibility. I’m working on a Bachelor’s of Health Administration. Do check and see that your school of choice doesn’t have any limitations, but IMO, the GPA is what matters. I don’t think many medical schools have a preference for institution,
  11. Thanks for this response and congratulations on the commencement of your first year! I had a consultant review my application and she was very pleased with it. Writing is definitely one of my strengths and NOSM has several essay questions on their application. Overall, I think I did really well on that part. I’m very anxious to hear if I’ll receive an interview invite!
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